United with the whole herd

United with the whole herd

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 04th November 2010 by Media Relations

Today the new calf was integrated into the whole herd. Tang Mo, Thong Dee and Luk Chai all greeted her with enthusiasm and touched her with their trunks. She even muddled up whose nipples to suckle off at one point but Thong Dee stood still as if it was her own calf, Luk Chai. The calf was readily accepted by everyone and as usual, Tang Mo has been extra protective of the new addition. Tang Mo is a natural with the calves and looks out for them at all times. Although Tang Mo adores Luk Chai, she has recognised that he is being a little boisterous with the newborn, so Tang Mo tries her best to keep them separate unless he is being calm and gentle.

While Luk Chai has been a little rough with his half sister, Pathi Harn is being very respectful. The elephant keepers would like everyone to be aware of just how much he’s outgrown his initial nickname of Mr. Shuffles. His official name of Pathi Harn is the one he recognises and it suits his personality so much more. He is maturing into a gentle natured and impressive young calf who befits a more flattering identity.The new calf is still feeding well and becoming more coordinated. She even attempts a little run here & there.

The new calf once again took a bath with her mum Pak Boon inside the barn. She loves to play in the water, swishing her trunk back and forth through the puddles that are created on the floor.