Zebra and Onagers have made a move!

Zebra and Onagers have made a move!

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Posted on 27th May 2016 by Media Relations

The Zebras and Persian Onagers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo have made short moves on the zoo circuit ahead of some exciting future projects that will begin construction later in the year.

“Both moves went very smoothly,” said Divisional Supervisor Pascale Benoit. “Animal movements are logistical operations that involve weeks and sometimes months of planning to ensure animals are comfortable and ready to be moved, and that they resettle into their new environments.”

Ahead of the moves, Zoo Keepers conditioned the zebras and onagers for the two transports, familiarising them with the transport crate and the raceways.

“Both species enjoy their food so we were able to reward them as the keepers helped the animals become familiar with their travelling crates,” Pascale said.

Visitors can now see the main zebra herd just past the Elephant exhibit on the zoo circuit, with the Persian Onagers now in the exhibit beside the Prezwalski’s Horse.

“Both groups look great in their new exhibits,” Pascale said. “They are still getting used to some new sounds, particularly zebras from the elephant facility, but it is all stimulation for them which is positive and something they would receive in the wild.”

The zoo is making some significant changes to improve and develop the site. One of the projects includes the Savannah Safari, which is now under construction and due for completion by September. This project will include the introduction of a new tour that will involve an open air safari truck that guests will board to drive through the African Savannah exhibit amongst Giraffe, Eland, Ostrich, Blackbuck Antelope and, in the near future, White Rhinos.