World Idea Day

World Idea Day

#Conservation, #Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Posted on 16th November 2020 by Media Relations

Monday 16th November is World Idea Day, a day that was “founded on a belief of the power of ideas” and sets out to “support people who want to do good in the world by bringing awesome ideas to life”. 

This purpose is very strongly aligned to the Taronga HATCH Program’s aim of inspiring, supporting and launching innovative ideas and actions by the community that address key environmental or conservation challenges.

Last Tuesday night, we celebrated the end of the inaugural HATCH Program with a pitch event to promote the inspiring work of our five teams. It was a wonderful celebration of their dedication and hard work through the 14-week accelerator, but more importantly of their commitment to driving positive change in the world. 

Congratulations again to Good-Edi for winning the inaugural HATCH Grant, and to PoopLoop for receiving the People’s Choice Award! We looking forward to sharing the event recording in coming weeks, but for now if you would like to learn more about our fantastic teams and their exciting suitability initiatives, please take a look at their websites or the HATCH page.

  • Every Drop – Giving Australians the tools to take charge of their water, improve their communities' climate resilience and ensuring we all have fair and equitable access to water today and tomorrow.
  • Good-Edi – An edible and truly biodegradable coffee cup – a coffee experience that’s good for you and the planet.
  • PoopLoop – A community-based composting system turning dog poo from a waste product into a valuable local resource.
  • RePlated –  A truly circular reusable takeaway container system made from recycled PET, committed to making single use history.
  • TOMbag – On a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with their sustainable and functional world first reusable garbage bag.

This World Idea Day we recognise and congratulate our 10 passionate founders for their five brilliant initiatives! We look forward to hatching more brilliant ideas for the planet through future HATCH programs, and to continuing to support awesome ideas every day of the year.