Tiger Trek

Tiger Trek

Be transported to Sumatra.

Get closer than ever to the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger. Tiger Trek is an Indonesian-themed immersive experience where you can learn how simple shopping choices can help to preserve the tiger's precious, natural habitat.

Tiger Trek is included free with your Zoo entry.

Tiger Trek is an Indonesian-themed immersive experience, providing an amazing opportunity for you to get up-close with these magnificent, critically endangered Sumatran Tigers and learn how simple shopping choices can help to preserve their precious, natural habitat.

During your Tiger Trek experience, you will board your flight to Sumatra and be transported to the beautiful forests of Way Kambas National Park to see the magnificent Sumatran Tiger. Explore the village, and discover how we all have a role to play in saving this species from extinction by choosing Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

The Tiger Trek experience is the natural expansion of Taronga’s efforts to help save the Sumatran Tiger. 

Meet our Tiger family

Three Sumatran Tiger cubs - Mawar (female) meaning rose in Indonesian, Tengah Malam (female) meaning midnight in Indonesian and male Pemanah meaning archer in Indonesian, were born at Taronga Zoo Sydney on Thursday 17 January 2019. With only 350 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild, these cubs are incredibly important, representing nearly 1% of the total wild population of tigers.

You'll also meet mother, Kartika, their father, Clarence, uncle Kembali and grandmother Jumilah that make up the rest of our tiger family at Taronga Zoo Sydney. 

Board a flight to Sumatra at Tiger Trek
Board a flight to Sumatra at Tiger Trek

How you can act

We all know the importance of using environmentally-sustainable products, and palm oil is no different. If it’s grown sustainably, palm oil can help protect valuable species like the Sumatran Tiger, and the forests they live in.

We celebrate companies that use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil in their products. The more companies transform their supply chain, the more Australians can enjoy their favourite treat free from deforestation.