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Each year Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo host a series of educational programs during the school holidays, which take children on thrilling Zoo Adventures.

Whether you simply need childcare for a day, or an activity to entertain the children during the whole holiday break, this educational and fun program provides unique and personal experiences. Your children will be amazed, excited, and offered the chance to contemplate the wonders of science and nature.  

Booking forms and information are available below. 


Zoo Adventures - Winter 2015 Holiday Program

A good hearty meal is great Winter warmer so let’s explore the world of food at the Zoo this holiday! Feeding Taronga’s many animals every day is a HUGE task for Zoo Keepers and every animal has very different dietary needs and feeding habits, just like we do! These holidays Zoo Adventurers will play, learn, explore, discover and help our Keepers feed our very hungry animals each day! Every day includes: Sky Safari, themed educational activities, games and craft as well as a show, private animal encounters, ‘Meet a Keeper’ experiences and an awesome photo keepsake of an action packed Zoo Adventures day. We Hope your Zoo Adventurer is hungry for action, adventure and excitement these school holidays! 


Week 1


29th June

Eat it all, you’re an Omnivore! – Focus: Chimps and animal tool use.

Swing on by today and test your tool making skills. Whilst many animals do use objects as tools, Chimps are the only animals except humans that can take an object and turn it into something different and useful!  Taronga Keepers will explain how they do it and how this helps them get food.  Make your own food enrichment boards, create ‘Very Vege Chimp Prints’ as a gift for the Chimps, and test your skills playing ‘Crack a Coconut’ the way our Chimps do. The Bird show will fly high as well. Can you outsmart our Chimps today?  



30th June

Fish Fingers! – Focus: Marine habitat, sustainable seafood, beach care.

Swim in for some fishy fun today and meet the Piscivores of Taronga. Living primarily on fish they need the oceans and waterways to survive. From our penguins, pelicans and seals to our huge saltwater crocs you will meet the creatures of the deep and learn from Keepers how both Taronga and you can care for their fragile environment. Make fish print pledges, play the MSC Fish Game with YATZ and test your ball balance skills like a Seal Show star in a fantastic, fishy day for all!  


1st July

Eucalyptus Leaf is all I Eat! – Focus: Koalas and Eucalyptus

Hang out at Zoo Adventures today and meet Australia’s most iconic animal. Famous for cuteness and loved by all, Taronga Keepers will explain that the Koala is a very unique and specialised eater. Learn why Koala means ‘no drink’, why they sleep 20 hrs a day and why Koala joeys eat their mum’s poo (ewww!). Make your own Koala pencil toppers with a gum leaf pledge; make music with gum leaves; play Sleeping Koalas and visit the Bird Show in a day full of fuzzy fun for all. No time for sleep today!



2nd July

Foods of the Farm! – Focus: Farmyard resources from animals and plants, sustainable living

From humble worm farms to giant crop farms, it’s not just the animals of the farm that provide us with valuable resources but also the plants we grow in the garden! Come on a journey of discovery with Taronga Keepers today, learning about agriculture, how farms work, sustainable living, and how you can have a mini farm in your own backyard! Plant a vegetable patch; learn how to make butter; create compost and feed the hungry animals at Backyard to Bush in a feast of farmyard fun for all. Make a splash at Seal Show today too!



3rd July

Finders, Keepers! – Focus: Tassie Devils, carnivores, food webs

Imagine scavenging and screeching for your dinner and tug of war at the table! Tasmanian Devils have strange table manners and very messy feeding habits indeed. Taronga Keepers explain why this puts the largest Australian marsupial carnivore in great danger; why they need the help of Zoos and what Taronga is doing to ensure their future in the wild. Be a Devil today and make a papier mache pledge egg, care for an egg learn how chicken farms help feed Taronga’s little Devils! Go on a scavenger hunt, play tug of war. It’s show-time at Bird Show in a day of devilish fun for all!





6th July

Leafy Greens! – Focus: Giraffes

Let’s start a BIG week by meeting the tallest living land mammals in the world, Giraffe are the focus animal today! Discover how we feed our Giraffe as Taronga Keepers explain chewing cud (ewww!); why Giraffe are so tall; why they have such wonderfully long blue tongues; why they have no top front teeth and what this all has to do with eating. Make an awesome Giraffe sock puppet with carrot top spots, test your skills in a game of tongue twisters and wrap your mouth around the hanging apple game in a day of delicious fun for all!  Dive into the splash zone at Seal Show today too!



7th July

Freaky Frog Feed! – Focus: Frogs/Reptiles and how they eat

Frogs have eyes that push food into their tummies, they can throw up their whole stomach sack and they eat their own skin (say what??!). Hop into Zoo Adventures today for a fantastic day of froggy fun for all. Collect crickets from the bug house to feed our little amphibian friends at the Education Centre, and learn from Keepers how Taronga is helping save the Corroboree frog! Make origami frogs with crazy tongues, and get hopping in leap frog relay races too! Hop on down to the Bird Show as well but stay away from the wetland birds!



8th July

When meat is all, you’re a Carnivore! – Focus: Carnivores, from Big Cats to Meerkats

Cats can see six times better than humans at night, smell 20 times better than us and a big cat can eat the equivalent of more than 70 T-bone steaks in one sitting! Meet the carnivores of the Zoo, from our big cats to our little Meerkats, so you’ll learn about the meat eaters today! Build a Meerkat Manor as an enrichment treat. Make candle camouflage pictures, play Sleeping Lions and stalk your way around the Zoo today, enjoying the stars of the Seal Show as well!  



9th July

Hunters and Gatherers! – Focus: Bird Show, the feeding habits of birds

From giant eagles soaring and silent owls hunting to the vast array of parrots that Australia is well known for, today we discover with Taronga Keepers how these very different birds get very different types of food.  From meat and insects to fruit and nectar there’s a lot to learn about eyes, beaks, feathers and feet today! Visit the Bird Show and the aviary areas, create seed pictures and pledge eggs, build your own nest from natural materials, play the bird beak game and learn what Cassowaries and bats have in common. So much to do, the day will fly by for sure!



10th July

Midnight Snacks! – Focus: Nocturnal animals and urban animal adaptations.

Let’s finish the holidays with a day of fuzzy fun as the Nocturnal House turns day into night at Taronga! Explore the secret world of our native nighttime  animals, what they eat and how. Create a nocturnal house that you can install in your own backyard, test your Keeper skills by making some very sweet treats to feed our very sweet little friends and learn how you can help our native creatures adapt to urban living. Wild animals in the city sound unlikely? Let’s find out the secrets your backyard may hold in a day of night time fun for all. Make a splash at Seal Show too on the last day of Winter Zoo Adventures!    




Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $24 per day (8:00am - 5.30pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each
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Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle