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Taronga’s Zoo Adventures is a fun, educational holiday program for children aged between five to 10 years of age, where they are taken on an exciting zoo journey, learning about animals and the environments they live in.

This unique school holiday program provides children with engaging experiences whilst being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the zoo and the animals that live here.  Your children will be amazed and excited as they join in animal themed activities and meet our wonderful keepers who care for the animals that live at Taronga Zoo Sydney.


ZOO ADVENTURES -  Spring 2016

Zoo Adventures enters a new era with Taronga 100 celebrations this year. With a great range of awesome Zoo Adventures themes, experiences and activities simply choose the ‘missions’ that would best suit your Zoo Adventurer this Winter holiday! Along with the interactive ‘missions’ we have not forgotten all the popular Zoo Adventures favourites that we simply must have every day:

A Sky Safari ride

Interactive animal encounters

Photo keepsake to take home

Special Behind the Scenes Meet a Keeper experience

Seal and or Bird show

Interactive playground and educational adventures

Fruit break

A daily mission briefing to complete and add to a brand new Zoo Adventurers activity book!

Professional, enthusiastic, fun loving staff to assist and enhance your Zoo Adventurers experience

Be an early bird and book now to avoid missing your favourite mission!


 WEEK 1:

MONDAY 26th September




Animal Theme - Elephant
Your role:
You are a  Zoo Detective

Your mission: Work in teams to solve a Taronga Zoo mystery. Each team will be given a case file listing our Centenary Legacy Species. Each species has a secret symbol. When all symbols are found use the special key to crack the code and solve the case! Use your skills to find bonus Easter Eggs along the way! Move over Sherlock Holmes, here come the Zoo Adventures Super sleuths! On your marks, get set, go!


TUESDAY 27th September




Animal Theme – Carnivores

Your role: You are an animal toy maker in the Zoo.

Your mission: Learn how the Keepers make toys, why animals need them and how we can do this at home for our own pets. Working in teams, create the ultimate animal toy! Teams are allocated an animal they must observe before gathering materials to create an enrichment task that is fun, exciting and safe. Taronga’s animals enrich us so let’s return the favour today and challenge  them! Good luck and have fun!    


WEDNESDAY 28th September



TIMEWARP!  - B2B Meet a Keeper experience

Animal Theme – Backyard to Bush 

Your role: You are a time traveller that has journeyed 100 years into the past and are trying to return to the present day.

Your mission:  
Mosman, October 7th 1916: Taronga Zoo’s gates have just opened for the very first time. Celebrate our exciting Centenary by exploring our 100 year history and travel through time with animals, interactive media, photos, buildings, stories, and memories. Discover how Taronga Zoo has changed from then to now, how Taronga may look in another century! Get ready, set your time machines and go!


THURSDAY 29th September



Animal Theme – Bird Show
Your role: You are a theatrical superstar in the Zoo today!

Your mission: Work in teams to build your own amazing Zoo theatre and animal puppets that will star in an incredible conservation show created by you! Each puppet show must contain a Taronga Zoo Centenary message and at least one Centenary Legacy Species. Each team will have the chance to perform their show at the end of the mission!


Highly recommended for crafty and theatrical Zoo Adventurers!


FRIDAY 30th September


Animal Theme – Nocturnal House

Your role: You are an artist in the Zoo.

Your mission: Create a masterpiece that celebrates Taronga Zoo.

Your artwork will include; Natural and/or recycled materials, ‘For the Wild’, or Taronga 100 themes!  It may be a sketch, collage, sculpture, living art, etc. Your artwork will reflect your own creative talents, your favourite things about Taronga Zoo, and be a special souvenir of your day to take home. Get ready, get creative, go!



WEEK 2: 




MONDAY 3rd October






No Zoo Adventures – Public Holiday!




TUESDAY 4th October


Limited Spots left!



Animal Theme – Reptiles

Your role: You are part of a Zoo News crew.

Your mission: Work in small teams to investigate, write and report an amazing Zoo News story before presenting it to your fellow Zoo Adventures. Briefings in the morning and the use of Zoo iPads will help teams complete their breaking story. Each story must include a Taronga Zoo Birthday message that captures our Centenary spirit! Get ready to report, go!


WEDNESDAY 5th October




Animal Theme – Marine

Your role: You are a super explorer in the Zoo

Your mission: Using a map and a special adventure passport, explorers will be stopped in their tracks throughout the day as they collect special stamps for each completed activity.


Seal Show, Bird Show, Lemur Forest Adventure, Backyard to Bush Farmyard and Playground experience and many more! Come see what Taronga showstoppers have to offer. Let the adventures begin!


Recommended for:  first-time Zoo Adventurers!


THURSDAY 6th October




Animal Theme – Backyard to Bush

Your role: You are an environmental explorer in the Zoo. 

Your mission: Taronga has many visitors every year and they are not all human! Explore the Zoo and find all the local wildlife that also calls Taronga home and why. Explore scats and tracks, find the wildlife and work out which are native and which are not. Discover the challenges our wildlife faces and learn why encouraging native animals around your place are beneficial to our environment and how we can help protect them. Includes an Easter Egg hunt as explorers complete the mission. Native or not, here we come!  






FRIDAY 7th October









Zoo Closed – No Zoo Adventures!




*Please Note*Zoo Adventure animal themes may change on the day, at the discretion of Zoo staff and Keepers. 


Bookings close 5pm Friday September 23rd 2016.


Webpage updated: 26/08/16 at 16.00 AEST. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Bookings:

How do I make a booking for Zoo Adventures?

Below you'll find a booking form to download. (Word document and PDF versions available). Read the blurbs above and choose a date that suits your Adventurer. Fill out the form and email to Successful applicants will be e-mailed a confirmation of their place as soon as possible.

Please be patient and do not send multiple copies of your form as this can lead to errors in the booking process. Zoo Adventures is an extremely popular program and due to the high volume of applications we receive it can take us approximately a week to confirm your spot. 

What if I have a friend who wants to attend on the same day? 

Due to health and safety reasons and to ensure your child has the best time possible, numbers are strictly limited. The best way for us to guarrantee the friend and child will be attending the same day is to submit a booking form with both children's names on the same form. This way they're processed at the same time and have a greater chance of being accepted together. There is space on the booking form for up to four children. If you have more names, you can simply fill out another booking form. 

What if the day I want is booked out? 

We're sorry but unfortunately if a date is booked out, we are unable to admit any other children due to strict Work Health and Safety reasons. We'll always get in touch with you to offer you another date if available. 

We will update this page regularly to inform you as soon as possible if a date is filling up or booked out. 

What does it mean " Recommended for"? 

This is our suggestion to help you decided what might suit your child best! It's by no means a hard and fast rule, just a way to help you figure out might work well for your own childs personality, skills, and interests. You'll notice we haven't listed it for every day - just a couple to help you get started. 

Why do I have to purchase a t-shirt? 

First time Zoo Adventurers must purchase a t-shirt. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt is a safety measure that is compulsory for all attendees. Taronga Zoo can be a very busy place with thousands of visitors a day. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt helps our staff locate your child in a large crowd. It also helps our in-grounds staff recognise the group for permission to special behind the scenes and restricted areas.  If your child does not wear their safety t-shirt, they may not be allowed into the Zoo. 

The t-shirt is listed as a separate cost so that previous attendees who already have a t-shirt do not need to purchase another one.  T-shirts should be purchased at the time of booking. 


More questions?

E-mail us at 

We look forward to seeing your Zoo Adventurer's at Taronga!



Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $28 per day (8.00am - 5.30pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each
Taronga Zoo, Sydney
What to bring:
Zoo Adventures Program: Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle.