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Each year Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo host a series of educational programs during the school holidays, which take children (ages 5-10) on thrilling Zoo Adventures.

Whether you simply need childcare for a day, or an activity to entertain the children during the whole holiday break, this educational and fun program provides unique and personal experiences. Your children will be amazed, excited, and offered the chance to contemplate the wonders of science and nature.  

Booking forms and information are available below. 


Zoo Adventures - Summer 2016

Join the Zoo Adventures Summer fun as Taronga celebrates a huge Centenary year during 2016! As part of the Centenary celebrations we visit some of Taronga’s Top 10 Legacy Species and launch huge new Meet A Keeper experiences. Each day includes age appropriate and popular favourites such as, Sky Safari; Themed ‘For The Wild’ activities; games and craft;  a public show; and an awesome photo keepsake of an action packed Zoo Adventures day.    

As places are strictly limited and our new experiences are so popular, we are repeating an 8 day program this season to ensure that your Adventurer doesn’t miss out on the fun! When booking be sure to confirm that the date and theme of your booking is correct.



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The forms are flying thick and fast, so make sure you get yours in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! 



4th January 



14th January



We start a big year of Centenary celebrations with the largest Taronga Top 10 Legacy Species we have – The Asian Elephant!

Once common throughout the Asian continent, Asian elephants face challenges that make conservation efforts necessary for their future survival.

Adventurers will learn to paint just like the Elephants at Taronga do! We will visit our Asian Elephants in a brand new Meet A Keeper experience and Adventurers will learn how Taronga is committed to the conservation of this intelligent and majestic animal. 

We will also include all popular favourites such as the Bird Show, so don’t miss out on a HUGE day of fun for all!     



5th January



13th January




Let’s get wet and wild with a day of Marine Magic and another new and exciting Legacy Species – The Marine Turtle!

Marine Turtles face many challenges, often mistaking human rubbish for food. The Taronga Wildlife Hospital helps, on average, 40 Marine Turtles each year that are struggling in the wild.

Adventurers will make an upcycle project and meet the Keepers that are currently working magic for Marine Turtles undergoing rehabilitation and helping them back into the wild. Learn how Taronga is committed to caring for these graceful animals and what you can do to help as well!

We will be visiting the splash zone at Seal Show today so get ready to get wet in a day of adventure for all!



6th January



20st January  ~BOOKING FAST ~



It’s an exciting week with a third new Meet A Keeper experience as we visit another Legacy Species – Sun Bears!

Asiatic bears are under growing pressure from human animal conflict and Taronga is working hard with world-wide help from other groups to lead the way in the survival of these beautiful animals.

Adventurers will make gifts for our Sun Bears which their Keepers will use to surprise them! Learn all about these charismatic carnivores from our Keepers and how we all can help.

We will also visit the Bird Show in a day of fun for all!



7th January



21st January



We will be looking to the skies today as Adventurers discover the amazing world of another Legacy Species - the Regent Honeyeater!

Taronga is playing an exciting role in the recovery of this species and its habitat with more than 100 birds bred at Taronga and released into the wild with more releases planned for the future.

Let’s celebrate this beautiful bird by meeting a Keeper and learning all about this species and the work Taronga is doing to help.

Bird Show is a must along with Zoo Adventure activities that will help both animals and habitats – Let’s be For The Wild!



8th January



22nd January


It’s a day of fuzzy fun for all as we visit a popular Zoo Adventures favourite and legacy species – The Greater Bilby!

This iconic marsupial (often known as the Easter Bilby in Australia) was once wide spread throughout arid and semi- arid Australia. The species faces many challenges with rapidly declining populations and feral animal invasions. Taronga is committed to protecting the Greater Bilby and you can help too!

Meet our Bilby Keepers, explore their nocturnal world and learn how you can have a great time helping these cute little Aussie icons!

We will also make a splash at the Seal Show. Be sure to book early for a great day of Greater Bilbies!



12th January



19th January



A tiny animal with a striking appearance, today’s Legacy Species is part of our ever popular reptiles division – The Corroboree Frog!

These bright little amphibians are found only in a small area of Kosciuszko National Park and nearby ranges. These frogs have Taronga’s help in a National Recovery Program to help save the species.

We will meet the Reptile Keepers and learn all about Taronga’s work with Corroboree frogs. We will also meet some other amazing reptiles and have an action packed day of favourite Zoo Adventures activities like soaring into the Bird Show!   



15th  January


(One Day Only!)


Today we celebrate the final Legacy Species of the Zoo Adventures program this Summer – The Platypus!

This shy, mysterious egg laying mammal is unique to Australia along with its closest relative, the Echidna. Today we will meet a Platypus Keeper in another new Zoo Adventures experience. Explore the underwater world of the Platypus; learn what they eat, how they eat it, and why this creates challenges for these strange and cute little animals. There are ways we can all help and today we’ll explore how!

Adventurers will enjoy Platypus themed activities all day and will be in for a splash at The Seal Show as well!  Be sure to book early as this is a one day only theme this Summer Season at Taronga!



11th January



18th January



A popular favourite with Zoo Adventurers, we focus on the crazy world of the Chimpanzees!

These strong and intelligent animals are our closest living relation. Today, we will meet a Keeper and learn all about the Chimps at Taronga and how we can help their wild cousins. We will have an action packed adventure as we make toys for the Chimps as well as visit other primates around the Zoo too!  

Join us in this wild experience with all the daily favourites like the Bird Show for one of our most popular and high energy Zoo Adventures themes!







Get ready for Christmas as Santa’s workshop is coming to Taronga Zoo this holiday season!  


17th  December 2015



18th December 2015

Pre-Christmas Program

Our animals love toys and gifts as much as we do and our Keepers are so busy they need some help!

This very special pre-Christmas program begins as Zoo Adventurers become Santa’s little elves and work their way around the Zoo focusing on providing our animals with presents or ’enrichment’.

When the enrichment is ready we will pack our Santa sack full of goodies and deliver them to the Keepers for the animals. We will also be creating festive craft gifts to take home for the holiday season.

This program also includes Zoo Adventurer favourites like: Sky Safari; Animal presentations; Animal encounters; and Meet A Keeper! Places are strictly limited and must be booked by Monday 7th of December!



Parents, join your Zoo Adventurer's on an exciting new interactive Zoo Adventures program that celebrates Taronga’s Centenary!

Pack a Picnic offers a unique and interactive parent/child experience that lets you join in too!  Bring your little Zoo Adventurer’s and a picnic dinner, and we'll make you an honorary Zoo Adventurer so you can explore and experience twilight at the Zoo together with our expert guides!  

Discover and learn about Taronga’s unique animals and wildlife on a guided twilight tour around the Zoo grounds; meet and greet animals up close; enjoy your picnic dinner with an amazing Sydney Harbour view! Places are strictly limited for an intimate family atmosphere and to maximise adventure so be sure not to miss out on this awesome new experience! 


6th January 2016,


13th January 2016


20th January 2016



PACK A PICNIC - Evening Holiday Program

Meet your guides at the Top Entrance of Taronga at 5:45pm with yourself, your Zoo Adventurer, and your picnic and we will do the rest! 

Program duration is approximately 2 ½ hours.

Animal encounters, guided tours, an amazing view/atmosphere and light supper are all included in the program.

Accompanying adult/’Honorary Zoo Adventurer’ must be over 18 and is admitted to the program free of charge when responsible for nominated Zoo Adventurer’s (ages 5-10 yrs) for the duration of the program.

This is an interactive parent/child experience where adults are active participants with their Zoo Adventurer and guides, engaging in discovery, exploration and adventure throughout the program.

Limit of 1 Adult per Family (max. 3 children, ages of 5-10 yrs). Due to strict limitations, additional adult places are not available for booking.

Please note: 

If your child is attending the Zoo Adventures day program on any of these dates, they are not eligible to attend the Pack a Picnic Evening program as our numbers are strictly limited. This also ensures you and your child get the most value from the Zoo Adventures Pack a Picnic Evening Holiday program. 



Frequently Asked Questions for Bookings:

How do I make a booking for Zoo Adventures?

Below you'll find a booking form to download. (Word document and PDF versions available). Read the blurbs above and choose a date that suits your Adventurer. Fill out the form and email to or fax to 02 99784508.   Please note forms submitted without credit card information cannot be accepted. Successful applicants will be e-mailed a confirmation of their place.

Please be patient and do not send multiple copies of your form as this can lead to errors in the booking process. Zoo Adventures is an extremely popular program and due to the high volume of applications we receive it can take us up to a week to confirm your spot. 

What if they have a friend who wants to attend on the same day? 

Unfortunately numbers are strictly limited. The best way for us to guarrantee the friend and child will be attending the same day is to submit a booking form with both children's names on the same form. This way they're processed at the same time and have a greater chance of being accepted together. There is space on the booking form for up to three children. If you have more names, you can simply fill out another booking form. 

What if the day I want is booked out? 

We're sorry but unfortunately if a date is booked out, we are unable to admit any other children due to strict Work Health and Safety reasons. We'll always get in touch with you to offer you another date if available. 

We will update this page regularly to inform you as soon as possible if a date is filling up or booked out. 

Why do I have to purchase a t-shirt? 

First time Zoo Adventurers must purchase a t-shirt. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt is a safety measure that is compulsory for all attendees. Taronga Zoo can be a very busy place with thousands of visitors a day. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt helps our staff locate your child in a large crowd. It also helps our in-grounds staff recognise the group for permission to special behind the scenes and restricted areas.  If your child does not wear their safety t-shirt, they may not be allowed into the Zoo. 

The t-shirt is listed as a separate cost so that previous attendees who already have a t-shirt do not need to purchase another one. 



Pack a Picnic Evening Program Questions:


Do I have to attend the Pack a Picnic Evening? 

Yes! You or a family member must be present for supervision of the attending child/children.

This program has specifically created for you and little Zoo Adventurer's to share together!  

Will dinner be provided on the Pack a Picnic Evening? 

No, sorry. You'll need to bring your own picnic dinner to enjoy on the evening. We will be providing a sweet treat later in the evening.

My partner really wants to come to Pack a Picnic Evening program too, can I purchase an additional ticket?

Sorry! We're strictly limited with the amount of people who can attend on an evening. This is to ensure you and your child/children receive the best quality program. (Perhaps draw straws...) 

Is there anywhere in the Zoo that I can have a smoke?

Unfortunately no. Taronga is a smoke-free zone for the safety and well being of all visitors, staff, and animals. 


More questions?

Please see below for a Frequently Asked Question sheet or you can e-mail us at 

We look forward to seeing your Zoo Adventurer's at Taronga!


Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $28 per day (8:00am - 5.30pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each Pack a Picnic @ $44 per Child (5:45pm - 8:15pm)
Taronga Zoo
What to bring
Zoo Adventures Program: Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle. Pack a Picnic Program: Picnic dinner, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle.