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Taronga’s Zoo Adventures is a fun, educational holiday program for children aged between five to 10 years of age, where they are taken on an exciting zoo journey, learning about animals and the environments they live in.

This unique school holiday program provides children with engaging experiences whilst being surrounded by the sights and sounds of the zoo and the animals that live here.  Your children will be amazed and excited as they join in animal themed activities and meet our wonderful keepers who care for the animals that live at Taronga Zoo Sydney.


ZOO ADVENTURES April Holidays 2017:

 Every Zoo Adventure day includes all of the following favourites:

  • Sky Safari – soar like the stars of our bird show on a fantastic aerial journey over the zoo. How many animals do you think we can find from above?
  • Interactive Animal Encounters – our Zoo Adventures guides and keepers will introduce you to some of their favourite animals through up close, educational animal encounters.
  • Photo Keepsake – as part of our Zoo adventures package each Adventurer will take home a photo memento of their day at Taronga with one of our amazing animals.
  • Meet a Keeper Experience – a main highlight of the day, exploring the Zoo through the eyes of a keeper and learn how they look after the animals in their care. From tallest to shortest, biggest to smallest, from carnivores to piscivores & feathers, fur & fins we have a new area of the Zoo to explore each day!
  • Seal Show or QBE Free-Flight Bird Show – our knowledgeable keeper’s showcase the animals natural behaviours and impressive adaptations. These world-class shows are a favourite amongst the Adventurers!
  • Interactive Playground and Exploration – leap like a lemur, swing like a gibbon, climb like a sun bear, slither like a snake or splash like a seal in our different interactive playground areas. Catering to all skill levels; let Zoo Adventurers explore their super powers!  
  • Daily Missions and Activity Booklet – experience eight new exciting missions & challenges for a unique & thrilling Zoo Adventure!
  • Professional, enthusiastic, fun loving staff to assist and enhance your Zoo Adventurers experience. 

Week 1 April School Holidays


SUPERSLUETHS! – Giraffe Meet a Keeper experience

 Zoo Adventures Detectives use super sleuth skill to solve a Taronga Zoo mystery. Learn about African animals and meet our giant giraffes today.



MAGICAL CREATURES! –  Reptile Meet a Keeper experience

Bring a big imagination as Adventurers design and create the most magical creatures they can dream up.  Learn about magical & mythical creatures and meet some animals with amazing super powers today.




SHOWSTOPPERS! – Marine Mammals Meet a Keeper experience

Zoo Adventure Explorers use a map, and choose their own adventure in the Zoo, collecting stamps for various special activities. Visit and meet the stars of the seal show for some show stopping fun today.





ANIMAL ARTISTS! – Bilby Meet a Keeper experience

 Zoo Adventures artists create an individual masterpiece to take home today.  Learn all about Bilbies, why we connect them to Easter and how that can help save them in the wild. Get inspiration, help and guidance from staff, no artistic skills required.







Week 2 April School Holidays: 







SCAVENGER HUNT! – Backyard to Bush Farmyard Meet a Keeper experience

 Zoo Adventures treasure seekers use keen skills and instincts to search the Zoo, finding all the treasures on our scavenger hunt list. A farmyard frenzy of fun awaits us today.




ZOO NEWS CREW! - Elephant Meet a Keeper experience

 Zoo Adventures journalists work in teams to investigate write and report an amazing Zoo news story and present it to Zoo Adventures. Learn about Asian animals and meet our awesome elephants today.





LIVING ON THE LAND! – Tasmanian Devils

 Zoo Adventures survival explorers learn to connect with the land we share and find some of the amazing resources it provides, including: food, water, medicines, clothing; even music and entertainment. Could you live off the land? Meet and learn about Tassie Devils today and what we are doing to save them.  




 Meet the stars of the fabulous QBE Free Flight Bird Show and learn from the keepers how the show works! We will use our keen birds-eyes to complete our challenge to find a list of other feathered friends in the zoo today. There will be alfalfa eggheads to make & take home as well!



PLEASE BE AWARE: This itinerary is maintained as rigorously as possible but due to unexpected circumstances daily schedules, themes and experiences are subject to change without notice.  Taronga assumes no liability for changes without notice.


Webpage updated: 22/03/17 at 16:12 AEST. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Bookings:

How do I make a booking for Zoo Adventures?

Bookings are closed for this season. Next holiday's, when bookings open you'll find a booking form to download below. (Word document and PDF versions available). When bookings open a calendar of dates and themes will be found above. Choose a date that suits your Adventurer. Fill out the form and email to Successful applicants will be e-mailed a confirmation of their place as soon as possible.


Please be patient and do not send multiple copies of your form as this can lead to errors in the booking process. Zoo Adventures is an extremely popular program and due to the high volume of applications we receive it can take us approximately a week to confirm your spot. 


What if I have a friend who wants to attend on the same day? 

Due to health and safety reasons and to ensure your child has the best time possible, numbers are strictly limited. The best way for us to guarrantee the friend and child will be attending the same day is to submit a booking form with both children's names on the same form. This way they're processed at the same time and have a greater chance of being accepted together. There is space on the booking form for up to four children. If you have more names, you can simply fill out another booking form. 


What if the day I want is booked out? 

We're sorry but unfortunately if a date is booked out, we are unable to admit any other children due to strict Work Health and Safety reasons. We'll always get in touch with you to offer you another date if available. 

We will update this page regularly to inform you as soon as possible if a date is filling up or booked out. 


Can I come in with the kids on the day?

Sorry, 5-10 year olds only!

Parent's are welcome to visit the Zoo but you'll need to buy a ticket from admissions. Please note whilst you may occassionally see the kids when they're out on Zoo grounds, you won't be able to follow them while they're on the program as they also go to restricted the behind the scenes areas. This is also a matter of child safety. 

Other options for parents while the kids attend Zoo Adventures are to visit the local shops and cafes, (there's even a few day spa's around the corner should you need a bit of relaxation!), or the National Park down the road. There's also a beach nearby if it's a sunny day! 


Why do I have to purchase a t-shirt? 

First time Zoo Adventurers must purchase a t-shirt. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt is a safety measure that is compulsory for all attendees. Taronga Zoo can be a very busy place with thousands of visitors a day. The Zoo Adventures t-shirt helps our staff locate your child in a large crowd. It also helps our in-grounds staff recognise the group for permission to special behind the scenes and restricted areas.  If your child does not wear their safety t-shirt, they may not be allowed into the Zoo. 

The t-shirt is listed as a separate cost so that previous attendees who already have a t-shirt do not need to purchase another one.  T-shirts should be purchased at the time of booking. 


Are the kids guaranteed a set animal exerience on the day? 

Unfortunately we are unable to guaranntee any set animal Meet a Keeper experiences or Zoo Adventure themed activities on any given day. Due to the ever-changing nature of the Zoo environment it is sometimes necessary to make last minute changes without warning. The above itinerary is maintained as rigorously as possible but is subject to change without notice.  Taronga assumes no liability for changes without notice.


More questions?

E-mail us at 

We look forward to seeing your Zoo Adventurer's at Taronga!


Webpage updated: 22/03/17 at 16:12 AEST. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2017 - 09:00 to Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 17:00

Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $28 per session (Morning: 8.00am - 9am, Afternoon: 3.30-5.00pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each

Taronga Zoo, Sydney
What to bring:
Zoo Adventures Program: Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle.