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Each year Taronga Zoo and Taronga Western Plains Zoo hosts a series of educational programs during the school holidays which will take children on thrilling Zoo Adventures.

Whether you simply need childcare for a day, or an activity to entertain the children during the whole holiday break, this educational and fun program provides unique and personal experiences. Your children will be amazed, excited and offered the chance to contemplate the wonders of science and nature.  

Booking forms and information will be available online approximatly one month prior to the start of the School Holidays.


Zoo Adventures

Autumn 2015 Holiday Program


Week 1 – Come and celebrate an eggcellent Easter at Taronga Zoo this holiday season. Each day includes: Sky Safari, Easter themed educational activities, games and craft as well as a show, animal encounters, ‘Meet a Keeper’ experience and an awesome photo keepsake of an action packed Zoo Adventures day.  Don’t miss an eggciting Easter adventure with treats galore for everyone at Zoo Adventures!



 6th April



7th April


Easter Echidnas! – Education centre and Platypus House

Let’s start our Easter holiday with some unique native friends, the Echidna and Platypus, the only egg-laying mammals in the world. If that’s not strange enough, they have false pouches to protect baby ‘puggles’, Platypus males have venom and Echidnas have pink milk! Today we learn about these crazy creatures, make our own Echidna Easter craft and visit the Bird Show in a day full of fun.



8th April


Treasure Hunt for Chimps! - Chimpanzees

Today we will share Easter fun with the Chimpanzees and look at Chimp communication. Zoo Adventurers will craft Easter piñatas for ‘animal enrichment’. Adventurers will build their own ‘nature shelters’ and we will meet a zoo keeper to learn how they work with the animals in their care, and enjoy the Seal Show making a fun-filled day for very energetic Zoo Adventurers!



9th April

  Bouncing Bunnies and Chirping Chicks! – Backyard to Bush / Kids Zoo Let’s hop on down to the farm today, the perfect place for Easter. Full of bunnies and chickens, I’m sure we’ll find eggs and maybe the Easter Bunny too! We will visit a zoo keeper and learn about these iconic Easter animals, why they make great pets and focus on responsible pet ownership. As a keepsake of an awesome Easter encounter we will craft our very own cotton Bunnies to take home as well as visit the Bird Show today! 


10th  April


 Brilliant Bilbies! -  Nocturnal House

Yesterday we met the Easter Bunny, but who’s heard of the Easter Bilby?  With long ears, soft fur and oh so cute, today we celebrate these native Australians and explore the Zoo’s nocturnal exhibit, Australian Nightlife. We will meet a keeper and learn how you can help Bilbies in the wild (by eating chocolate Easter Bilbies –YUM!J) We will also visit the Seal Show and make some awesome Easter craft with a secret conservation message to remember a great Zoo Adventures day!



Zoo Adventures

Autumn 2015 Holiday Program


Week 2


13th  April


Amazing Africa! – Giraffes

We start our 2nd week with the gentle giants of Africa, the Giraffe.We will meet a keeper and learn all we can about the tallest mammals in the world!  We will create an awesome alfalfa egg craft project and visit the Seal Show as well in a day full of fun for all!



14th April


Snakes Alive! - Reptiles

Continuing our egg theme this holiday season, today we discover the amazing world of reptiles and learn which reptiles lay eggs and why? Let’s talk to the zoo keepers about how they care for all these different reptiles in a day of slimy, scaly, slithery adventure!The  Bird Show also is a must along with some yarn egg craft to take home today!




15th  April

  Tigers in the Forest! – Carnivores                          Join us for a day of discovery as we focus on forest habitat and how we can protect it! Adventurers will create wonderful enrichment toys to give to the carnivores when they meet a zeeper and learn about these amazing animals and the forest habitats they live in. The Seal Show is a must today too!


16th April

   Feathered Friends! – Birds and eggs                  Let’s meet some feathered friends as we go twitching today and discover the amazing world of eggs. Adventurers will care for their own eggs as bird parents and will candle the eggs to see just what’s inside!  The Free Flight Bird Show is a must today. We will make some eggcellent craft as a keepsake to remember an eggciting day!  


17th April


Daring Devils! – Tasmanian Devils

Let’s end our Easter holidays with an amazing Aussie favourite, the Tasmanian Devil. We will meet a keeper and learn all about Australia’s bush recyclers, what they eat and how we can help them in the wild. We will explore their food chain, visit the Seal Show and make animal treat cup holders to store treats and treasures! What a great way to end Zoo Adventures Easter Holiday season!





Zoo Adventures days @ $69 per day (9.00am - 3.30pm) Extended supervision @ $24 per day (8:00am - 5.30pm) Zoo Adventures t-shirt/s @ $14 each
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What to bring
Packed Lunch, Hat, Wet weather gear in case of rain, Sunscreen, Water Bottle