They're Calling On You

They're Calling On You

Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are calling on you to recycle your old mobile phone to help save one of our closest living relatives. Minerals and ores such as coltan are mined out of gorilla habitat and used in the creation of mobile phones. This mining is accelerating the decline in gorilla numbers and at least 10 other African primate species.

By simply recycling an old mobile phone, the pressure on gorilla habitat is reduced and money raised from refurbished handsets supports gorilla conservation in central Africa.



Gorillas are the largest and most powerful of all primates. With a genetic makeup almost 98% similar to humans, they are one of our closest living relatives. These rainforest dwellers are intelligent and feeling beings that serve important ecological services in their forest homes. Sadly, vast areas of their habitat have been lost through deforestation for the timber and mining industries.


Conflict minerals, what's the story?

Minerals such as coltan are in huge demand in today's technology industries. There are rich deposits of coltan and other resources in the ground beneath the forests of central Africa, where gorillas and many other endangered animals live. This mining is often unregulated and destroys habitat. It also opens up previously untouched wilderness to human exploitation and, in order to survive, some miners are forced to hunt animals such as gorillas for food.

Recycle old phones

Why Recycle Mobile Phones?

By sending your old phone through the free mobile phone recycling program, you are diverting it from landfill and reducing the demand for further mining of gorilla habitat. What's more, funds raised by these refurbished phones supports the Jane Goodall Institute's gorilla conservation programs in central Africa.

Recycle old phones
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Recycle your mobile!

At Taronga:
Bring your old mobile phones and place them in the collection box at the main entrance or at the Information Desk

At school or at work:
1. Print this PDF iconA4 poster and PDF iconbox label to put in your office or classroom 
2. Collect at least 10 phones from your colleagues or classmates
3. Contact PhoneCycle for your FREE courier pick up service