Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal

Become a Taronga Zoo Parent and help save a species

A Zoo Parent animal adoption is the gift that saves a species. Your adoption will support Taronga’s vital conservation work, focusing on endangered species in Australia and around the world.

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Animal adoptions are the gift that's sweeter than chocolate for a friend, family, or even just yourself!



The unique Platypus is set to decline in numbers by at least 50% over the next 50 years. Your important decision to adopt them today will help fund rescue and research at world first Platypus facilities in Sydney and Dubbo.

Sumatran Tigers

The Sumatran Tiger is critically endangered with fewer than 400 left in the wild. Your adoption will help fund our Wildlife Protection Units in Sumatra to fight illegal logging, mining and poaching in and around the Sumatran Tiger's habitat.


Your adoption will help Taronga to nurse Koalas back to health, restore habitats and breed insurance populations to ensure this precious species for generations to come.


Support our successful breeding program and visitor education on the importance of caring for Meerkats and their habitats.

Asian Elephants

Help us stop poaching and habitat destruction in the forests of Sumatra via our Wildlife Protection Units and support our regional conservation breeding program.


Support our ambitious re-wilding project, which will be a 100ha semi-wild site specialising in breed for release programs for threatened native animals.

Red Pandas

Assist the conservation insurance breeding program to ensure Red Pandas are managed at a high genetic level, to provide a healthy and viable population for the future.

Tasmanian Devils

Support our research and breeding program to ensure a healthy population with the aim of eradicating the horrific facial cancer affecting their survival rate in Australia.


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Thank you to our Horizon, River, Jungle and 10+ year Zoo Parents for their generous support. 

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