Taronga Wildlife Hospitals

Taronga Wildlife Hospitals

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Taronga's two wildlife hospitals provide care for the well-being of our animals in the zoo as well as emergency assistance to sick or injured animals in the wild. Coming through the hospital doors are a number of native animals such as marine turtles, koalas and platypus amongst many others. As these numbers continue to grow Taronga has taken the initiative to increase our capability to save our wildlife.

With your help today Taronga can work towards providing Australian wildlife the best possible care.

State of the art facilities to conserve wildlife

The Taronga Wildlife Hospitals project will replace the existing dilapidated facilities at Sydney and Dubbo. The new purpose built hospitals will dramatically enhance Taronga’s capacity and capability to respond to wildlife emergencies (such as bushfire, flood and drought), save endangered species, educate students and visitors, support wildlife volunteers and cement NSW as a global leader in wildlife conservation for future generations supported by Taronga’s world class conservation scientists and researchers. 

The Wildlife Hospitals at Taronga Sydney and Dubbo will expand our capacity to rehabilitate and rescued threatened wildlife, as well as creating an exciting and engaging experience for its guests. The hospitals will save more animals, will have space to breed and rehabilitate more endangered animals and will attract an additional one million visitors to Taronga over the next 10 years as a result of community passion for wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. They will also address a critical gap in the state’s response to wildlife rescue with features designed to deliver practical workshops for thousands of vets, vet nurses and carers in the treatment of sick and injured wildlife. 

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All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible for Australian residents.

Koala at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital.
Koala at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

These Wildlife Hospitals will: 

  • Increase the capacity of the zoos to save endangered animals: 400% increase in the ability to treat marine turtles, eagles and koalas and triple the number of endangered birds and mammals that can be treated and saved
  • Provide support to the 5,600 volunteer wildlife carers in NSW
  • Cement NSW as global leaders in conservation and build on the 1,500 sick, injured or orphaned native animals Taronga saves each year
  • House emergency equipment for rapid deployment of teams to lead the rescue of wildlife in crisis events – including bushfires, floods and oil spills
  • Attract an additional one million visitors to Taronga over the next 10 years as a result of community passion for wildlife rehabilitation and conservation, and inspire these visitors to take action for wildlife
Koala at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital.

Every donation makes a difference.

To find out more about Taronga’s Wildlife Hospitals Campaign, please contact us on 1300 369 116.