Stage 2 & 5 Geography Focus Days: Oceans of Waste

Stage 2 & 5 Geography Focus Days: Oceans of Waste


This curriculum focus day explores the marine environment and the impact of pollution.

The day’s inquiries will stimulate your students’ geographical knowledge of Sydney Harbour and ignite their passion for exploring sustainable solutions to real world problems.

What's involved

This full day program is available at Taronga Zoo Sydney only. See below for further information.

At the Zoo

Featuring workshops led by experts, up-close experiences with animals impacted by marine debris, traditional Aboriginal perspectives, a beach clean-up and debris analysis and actionable ways in which you can help our oceans.


Stage 2

  • GE2-1 Examines features and characteristics of places and environments
  • GE2-2 Describes the ways people, places and environments interact
  • GE2-3 Examines differing perceptions about the management of places and environments
  • GE2-4 Acquires and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

Stage 5

  • GE5-3 Analyses the effect of interactions and connections between people, places and environments
  • GE5-4 Accounts for perspectives of people and organisations on a range of geographical issues
  • GE5-7 Acquires and processes geographical information by selecting and using appropriate and relevant tools for inquiry
  • GE5-8 Communicates geographical information to a range of audiences using a variety of strategies