Season 4 Episode 6

S4 E6: Wild Dog Masego

Out at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Masego the wild dog, needs surgery on a worrying lump on her chest. Not only are her keepers worried about what the vets might find, but whether the pack will reject Masego when she returns.

In Sydney, a little penguin, a recent survivor of a suspected eagle attack, lands at the Taronga wildlife hospital. The team anxiously awaits the healing of wounds, knowing that if the penguin can't regain her waterproof coat, release might not be on the horizon.

And the excitement doesn't stop there! An extraordinary mission to World Heritage Listed Norfolk Island is underway to rescue one of the world’s most endangered species from extinction. Buckle up for this pulse-pounding wildlife adventure!

Air date: Wednesday 27th of December at 7.30pm on Channel 9.

Penguin at Taronga Zoo
Penguin at Taronga Zoo
Norfolk Island snail
Norfolk Island snail

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Episode follow up

Episode six of Taronga: Who Who's in the Zoo featured the story of African Wild Dog Masego, who's been diagnosed with a very rare condition.

Here's vet Dr Rebecca Robey and Keeper Jordy with an update on Masego.