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Keepers at Taronga Zoo Sydney are excited by the arrival of two Meerkat pups, born on 20 January 2018.
Christmas celebrations were aplenty at Taronga Western Plains Zoo last year, with the special arrival of another female Black-handed Spider Monkey baby, born on 21 December.
The pitter patter of little hooves has been welcomed at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, with the arrival of a rare Przewalski's Horse foal.
Taronga Zoo is celebrating the breeding success of more than 20 Feathertail Glider infants, one of the smallest mammals in the world.
A rare Southern Black Rhinoceros calf born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo on October 31 last year now has a name!
A male adult Swamp Wallaby was brought into Taronga Wildlife Hospital in Sydney by NSW Police following an incident on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Taronga Zoo have welcomed three Alpacas to the Zoo, the first time the species have been at Taronga in 20 years.
Taronga’s keepers, nutritionists and animal behaviourists surprised many of the Zoo animals this morning with Christmas-themed treats and enrichment.
Taronga Zoo Sydney today announced the birth of a cute yet endangered male Australian Sea-lion pup named Moby, which has made a playful splash in his new home at Seal Cove.
A Spider Monkey baby, two Ring-tailed Lemur babies, a rare Southern Black Rhino calf and White Rhinos on the African Savannah – these are just some of the amazing new arrivals visitors can see at Taronga Western Plains Zoo during the Summer school holidays!


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