Give Mum the gift of memories this Mother's Day

Give Mum the gift of memories this Mother's Day

Posted on 08th May 2024 by Media Relations

If you haven't yet organised an activity or gift for the mother figure in your life, don't settle for a pair of slippers! Treat your loved one to a great day out at Taronga Western Plains Zoo!

Take mum on a tour of the Zoo!

There are some lovely animal mums and bubs to visit, including lioness Marion and her three cubs Bahati, Jabari and Zawadi! Marion and the cubs are in the large Lion Pride Lands habitat with dad Lwasi and three older siblings Amali, Imani and Mara. Now that they are older and more confident, the cubs are spending a lot of their time playing with their siblings, with mum always nearby keeping an eye on proceedings. They are in regular communication with each other, with growls, purrs and rumbles increasing as they come together.

Grab a coffee or lunch at Cafe Wild

Watch our Spider Monkey mums and bubs on the Primate Islands, or head to The Waterhole, and see Meerkat mum Midra and her boisterous mob digging and foraging.

Give a one-of-a-kind experience

Give your Mum a gift she will never forget, with a behind-the-scenes tour or animal encounter

Book mum a Giraffe encounter

Why not take mum to meet our giraffe mothers, and even grandmothers including Tuli and Ntombi, on a Giraffe Encounter? Giraffe mothers will creche their calves and leave an adult to ‘babysit’, and with four calves in the tower (the collective noun for a group of giraffes!) keepers are fortunate enough to be able to witness this behaviour on a regular basis, just like they would in the wild! Book your Giraffe Encounter today! 

Don’t forget the Zoo Shop has a lovely range of gifts, including jewellery, books and decorative items. Better yet, Taronga is not-for-profit meaning every dollar you spend has the Power to Protect. Whether you visit, stay overnight, donate, become a Zoo Friend or Zoo Parent, book an unforgettable behind-the-scenes experience or buy a gift for a loved one, every dollar you spend helps save wildlife!

Taronga Western Plains Zoo wishes all the mums and mum figures out there a very happy Mother’s Day!

Giraffe Encounter
Giraffe Encounter