Local students join Zoo’s Project Platypus

Local students join Zoo’s Project Platypus

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Posted on 25th March 2011 by Media Relations

Students from five schools across Dubbo and Wellington have come together at Sandy Beach in Dubbo along the Macquarie River all in the name of the iconic animal the Platypus. 

The students are part of Project Platypus, which aims to raise awareness in the community of the Platypus populations in the Orana region, which are the most western location in which Platypus are found in NSW.

The project is about enabling students to become advocates for a species not just by raising awareness, but through helping their families and communities change the way they do things in their local environment to help platypus.

Today, students participated in a field day to the Macquarie River to gain a greater understanding about habitat requirements for the species, threats to the Platypus and river health issues.  Some 300 shrubs and trees were planted to improve the habitat for the Platypus in the Macquarie River.

Students also participated in water testing, habitat surveys, fisheries information sessions and Aboriginal educational workshops, learning more about platypus and the importance of conserving their habitat.

The Platypus is considered common, however it faces many threats to long-term survival including degradation of rivers and streams and banks for suitable burrows, irresponsible land use practices, illegal netting and trapping of fish and crustaceans as well as pollutants and dog attacks.