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Posted on 27th June 2011 by Media Relations

Tuesday, 14th June 2011 3rd

Project Day

The 3rd

project day was an amazing day, we added the final touches to our project (we

think it looks awesome). Sadly our mentors Chantelle and Jade were away so our

team was all by ourselves. By the third project day everyone was finishing

their projects and they were starting to sparkle! Kerry, one of the project

helpers, came to our school at lunch time to have a quick look and to take a

couple of pictures of all the projects. By the end of the day we had a variety of

projects all shapes and sizes and everyone was happy with their effort and

loved they project.



On Tuesday

the 14th of June, Year 6 had our final project day. Our mentors from

Mackellar Girls came to help again. It was lots of fun and we all managed to

finish off our projects in time. They all looked amazing and were all very

creative. There were mosaics, papier maches, posters, and clay models just to

name a few. We had a fabulous day and can’t wait to show our projects to the


Lucy Drinan

Tuesday, 21st June School

Expo Day

The Expo Day

today was great. It was really good to see the faces of the Year 5s when they

stood in front of our projects and thought they were awesome. I hope that the

year fives got some great ideas if they do Project Penguin next year. The Year

5s walked around for 45 minutes then they voted. Everyone had a great time and

we enjoyed showing our projects off. It was also a good time to structure our

project the same way we are going to at the zoo. We all hope that the way the

Inside Expo Day went will be the same at the zoo. I can’t wait till the Zoo

Expo Day!



On the 21st

of June, Year 6 had our In-house Expo day. The day before we all set up our

displays and got our projects ready. At about 9:30 two Year 5 classes came to

the hall and looked at our work. They were very amazed with what we had done

and learnt about the Little Penguins of Manly. They then voted for the project

they liked the most. After that, the next two classes came and did the same.

Once the In-house Expo finished, everyone was so excited for the proper Zoo Expo

and couldn’t wait to see who has won.

Lucy Drinan