Nala's debut at the Ausgrid Seal Show

Nala's debut at the Ausgrid Seal Show

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Posted on 16th March 2012 by Media Relations

It was fitting that Nala made her debut at our Ausgrid Seal Show  on Sustainable Seafood Day as she’ll play an important role in teaching our Zoo visitors about making good seafood choices to keep our oceans healthy. After all, Nala and her wild cousins need Fish4Life too!!

Nala is a rare Australian Sea-lion that was born at the Zoo just over three years ago. At birth she was an adorable pup weighing just over three kilos, covered in a dark fur coat.


For her keepers, it doesn’t seem that long ago that she was taking swimming lessons from her mother Kira, and had a preference for belly flops. Although when you see her gracefully speed through the water now it’s hard to believe that she wasn’t born swimming.

Keepers and Nala have been working toward today’s debut for many months, in fact ever since she was a pup her trainers have been working with her so that she’d feel comfortable meeting a lucky Zoo visitor during the show.

Nala does the interactive segment of the Ausgrid Seal Show where an audience member  will come down and meet her, but as she’s still very young she’ll only be a in a few of the shows each week.

If you miss seeing Nala in the shows, don’t worry, she has also become a star online! We’ve launched a special app on our Facebook page where you can make a pledge to support sustainable fishing and find out where you can buy sustainably sourced seafood near you.

Lucky for Nala, her favourite fish is whiting… and that’s a good fish for us all to eat.

Make a pledge on the Fish4Life Facebook app here.




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