Video Here! Staff Dived In To Support Diversity

Video Here! Staff Dived In To Support Diversity

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Posted on 29th March 2011 by Media Relations

On Saturday 5th March we took to the streets of Sydney in style to celebrate diversity in the 2011 Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. It was our third year in the parade and while many staff had already been involved before,  for some this was their first time. 

It’s always great to see people’s eyes light up at the spectacle that is the ‘start area’. This is where the entire parade marshals before the parade begins. It’s hard to imagine anywhere else in the world where there are so many people in so many sequins, wigs, feathers, glitter and platform heels! When you’re in the parade, you miss out on watching the show as it goes by on the street so this was our time to check out everything and everyone else’s floats. Video by Aymeric De Meautis When it came our turn to launch onto Oxford Street there was a roar of cheers and lots of excitement as we began our choreographed routine and our glittering fish with its CD scales swam up the hill with the help of our fabulous driver Adam. A large part of the parade is up hill so coordinating the walk, music, routine and crowd is a big task but all the staff took to it like celebrities and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were people waving flags from the balconies of their apartments as well as revellers on other peoples shoulders ensuring they all had a great view of the show. 

At the end of the parade everyone was well and truly exhausted but still full of smiles and lots of glitter. It was great to have been involved in such an important cause as we celebrated the diversity of our staff and visitors as well as the wider Gay and Lesbian community. 

- BenMardi Gras Parade Highlights