Meet Gerald, a flood survivor

Meet Gerald, a flood survivor

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Posted on 17th March 2022 by Media Relations

In early March, Eastern Australia was hit by a significant flood and storm event that had devastating impacts on people, communities, wildlife and our environment. 

Taronga enacted its Wildlife Emergency Response Plan, which involved preparing our Wildlife Hospitals for an influx of wildlife and working collaboratively with our partners to prepare to assist in the field if required. 

Over the years, Taronga’s experts have refined their skills in wildlife crisis response, lending expertise and support to drought, bushfires, mass mortalities and disease events.

While our experts are always ready to act and our Wildlife Hospitals are on standby to assist animals in need, we also ask that members of the public be on the lookout for injured or displaced wildlife. 


As flood waters soaked much of the east coast of Australia, a resident of Pitt Town Bottoms in Sydney’s west came across an echidna floating on a mattress. The echidna was drenched and had minor scratches to his beak but seemed to be in reasonable condition. 

The echidna was delivered to a WIRES carer. A team from Taronga Wildlife Hospital then went into the flood affected area to retrieve the animal, nicknamed ‘Gerald’ by its rescuer, and the plucky monotreme has since been recovering at Taronga.

Upon Gerald's arrival, he received a full health check from our veterinary team and was found to be in good condition. We will continue to care for Gerald at Taronga Wildlife Hospital until he can be released back to the wild. 


If you find or encounter injured wildlife, you can bring them to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, which is open seven days a week, or get in touch with your local wildlife care group for assistance.

Find out more about how to assist injured wildlife. 

Taronga’s two Wildlife Hospitals provide vital emergency assistance to all kinds of sick and injured native animals. With your help we can provide them with the best possible care.