Little Penguin moulting season

Little Penguin moulting season

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Posted on 21st April 2022 by Media Relations

Once a year, at this time, penguins go through what's called a moult, which means they renew their feathers over their whole body.

Moulting requires a lot of energy and it's an important time in the life of a penguin - it can also make them very weak and vulnerable. 

Taronga's Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Coordinator, Libby Hall, explains the moulting process and what to do if you come across a little penguin in the wild. Watch our video to find out more!


If you find or encounter injured wildlife, you can bring them to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, which is open seven days a week, or get in touch with your local wildlife care group for assistance.

Find out more about how to assist injured wildlife. 

Taronga’s two Wildlife Hospitals provide vital emergency assistance to all kinds of sick and injured native animals. With your help we can provide them with the best possible care.