The perfect Valentine's Gift for an Animal Fan!

The perfect Valentine's Gift for an Animal Fan!

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Posted on 01st February 2024 by Media Relations

Need a Valentine's gift idea that's good for the planet?

Animal adoptions make the perfect Valentines gift for a partner, friend, family, or even yourself! 

Taronga offers multiple levels of Zoo Parent Adoption, where you can adopt one of eight species under Taronga's roof. From Platypus, to Tassie Devils, you can choose the perfect animal for your loved one and know you're contributing to a good cause.

All adoption packages include:

  • A welcome letter
  • Personalised adoption certificate
  • Your animal fact sheet
  • Email updates about your adopted animal and Taronga’s monthly e-newsletter
Platypus at Taronga Zoo. Photo credit: Rick Stevens
Platypus at Taronga Zoo. Photo credit: Rick Stevens

Three Reasons a Zoo Parent Platypus adoption makes the perfect Valentine's Gift

  1. Quirky and Adorable:
    The platypus is a true marvel of nature with its duckbill, webbed feet, and ability to lay eggs. Their peculiar characteristics make them a symbol of uniqueness and individuality – just like your loved one!
  2. Symbolic Connection:
    By adopting a platypus on behalf of your loved one, you create a symbolic connection between the extraordinary nature of the platypus and the extraordinary nature of your relationship.
  3. Conservation Impact:
    Your gift goes beyond the personal connection – it contributes to wildlife conservation efforts. The funds from the adoption program directly support initiatives aimed at preserving the platypus and its habitat.



Looking for a different animal to adopt? With 7 other animals to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your other half. 

Adoption Delivery details: Working with Australia Post, we endeavour to have adoption packs in the post within 5-7 business days.