Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support

We share our planet with some incredible creatures, like the adorable cubs born at Taronga in August.

To thank you for your support of the cubs at Taronga and critical conservation for lions in the wild, we would love to share with you some beautiful photos taken by our keepers, to use as your screensaver or background wallpaper.

In these challenging times, your support has been vital in bringing together the research, expertise and action needed for animal conservation. 

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE stunning lion cub photos below, as a reminder of the unique and extraordinary animals we’re so lucky to share our planet with.

To support them, you can also donate now to ensure a future for lions:

  • $25 can help raise our beautiful cubs at Taronga
  • $50 can help support our communities in Africa helping protect lions and other wildlife
  • $75 can support and restore wildlife corridors for lions and increase breeding opportunities
  • $100 can support Wildlife Protection rangers in Kenya

Download your stunning photos in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click the DOWNLOAD button below.
  2. Once it opens, select SAVE to save the image to your photo library.
  3. Open the image on your device and set as wallpaper or background.
Eye-Cow Project.
Eye-Cow Project.

Eyes on Cows to save African Lions

Using the knowledge that lions are ambush predators, Taronga’s Dr Neil Jordan together with UNSW Sydney, have created the Eye-Cow Project. This is a simple and low-cost attempt to reduce livestock-carnivore conflict by painting eyes on the hinds of cattle. This approach relies on the prediction that ambush predators such as lions will abandon the hunt when they are ‘seen’ by their prey.

While lion conservation isn’t as simple or easy as painting eyes on livestock, it’s ideas like these we at Taronga encourage and nurture. You can be part of exciting and innovative projects like these when you donate today. 

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Eye-Cow Project.
Beads for Wildlife.
Beads for Wildlife.

Beads for Wildlife

You can help make a difference to Kenya’s people and wildlife by purchasing these handcrafted beads, providing local communities with alternate sustainable income revenues.

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Beads for Wildlife.

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