Zoo Adventures Sydney

Zoo Adventures Sydney

Join the Wild Squad with Taronga’s Zoo Adventurers!

This fun, educational holiday program for kids aged 5 to 10 years old will take them on an exciting zoo journey to learn about animals and the environments they live in.

Children will be amazed and excited on this unique school holiday program, as they join in animal themed activities and meet our wonderful keepers who care for the animals that live at Taronga Zoo Sydney. 

What to expect

Every Zoo Adventure includes:

  • A ride on the Sky Safari
  • Interactive animal encounters
  • A photo opportunity
  • Meet a Keeper 
  • See the Seal Show or QBE Free-flight Bird Show
  • Explore the interactive playground
  • Daily missions
  • Professional, enthusiastic, fun loving staff to assist and enhance your Zoo Adventurers experience

What to bring

Adventurers should bring a packed lunch and snacks for the day, as well as a refillable water bottle. And to be prepared for all weather, we also suggest you bring a hat, sunscreen and wet weather gear, just in case.

Please note that the Zoo Adventures t-shirt must be worn during the visit, to help our staff identify children in a busy environment.

Available dates

January 2020 School Holidays

Zoo Adventures runs on select days during the school holidays. Please see the dates and 

6 - 10 January 2020

Week 1


Monday 6 January

Searching for Bigfoot

Meet a Keeper experience – Kangaroos

Let’s start the holidays searching for native bigfoot animals and learning from Keepers how they adapt to a harsh Australian climate with amazing superpowers.

Tuesday 7 January

Hello Hippos

Meet a Keeper experience – Hippos

Let’s search the wilds of Asia to find a Keeper who can teach us all about the wonderful world of Pygmy Hippos and how they survive in their natural environment.

Wednesday 8 January

Cheeky Chimps

Meet a Keeper experience – Chimps

Today is an African safari to find Chimpanzees. Learn from Keepers how closely related they are to us and what we can all do to secure a safe future for them.

Thursday 9 January

Wild Squad Warriors

Meet a Keeper experience – Turtles

From small freshwater ones, to giant sea friends, today we explore the zoo learning fun facts about turtles. Keepers will share ways that we can help them thrive and survive in a changing environment.  Lets see how many we can find in the zoo today.

Friday 10 January

Blue Mountains Bushwalk

Meet a Keeper experience – Birds

With incredible colours, diverse behaviours & amazing songs we venture into our Blue Mountains bushwalk today, learning from Keepers how to help our fragile bush friends. Get ready for a Bird twitching team challenge as well.

13 - 17 January 2020

Week 2


Monday 13 January

Night Time Noises

Meet a Keeper experience – Nocturnal House 

Lets discover the secret world outside your 
window as you fall asleep each night. Keepers will share secrets of nocturnal animals and explain what happens in the natural world under the cover of darkness.

Tuesday 14 January

Cutest Carnivores

Meet a Keeper experience – Meerkats

Big fun comes in small packages as we start our Winter holidays visiting some of the cutest residents of Taronga. Keepers will teach us all about the wonderful world of Meerkats and how they care for them at Taronga.

Wednesday 15 January

Water World

Meet a Keeper experience – Marine Mammals

Let’s meet our show stopping seal friends today, learning from Keepers how they train our seals to perform in shows. Visit the depths of an underwater world and learn how we can help wet and wild animals. Seal show is a must today of course.

Thursday 16 January

Terribly Tall

Meet a Keeper experience – Giraffe

Today we explore the plains of Africa and talk to the Keeper’s about how we care for the tallest residents of Taronga and what we are doing to support the conservation of these gentle giants.

With big soft eyes and long blue tongues, they are always a favourite.

Friday 17 January

Farmyard Frenzy

Meet a Keeper experience – B2B Farmyard

Today we visit Backyard to Bush to meet animals of the farm. Keepers will show us Goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, Alpacas and ducks, and of course what is a farmyard without the barn and vegetable patch to explore too. Today is the chance for those in the city to learn what life is all about on the farm.

20 - 24 January 2020

Week 3


Monday 20 January

Radical Raptors

Meet a Keeper experience – Bird Show

Let’s learn how our Bird Show Keepers work free flight magic with a focus on birds of prey. From training techniques to running a show we’ll show you how it’s done.
Learn how you can train your pets at home as well.

Tuesday 21 January

Scales and Tails

Meet a Keeper experience – Snakes

Let’s explore the kingdom of the cold-blooded ones today, learning about the amazing work our reptile Keepers do behind the scenes. Discover why snakes are misunderstood creatures that play an important part in our ecosystem.

Wednesday 22 January

All About Birds

Meet a Keeper experience – Bush Birds

Let’s get twitching on a Bush Bird tour learning from Keepers about the wonderful world of our feathered friends how we can help them and their natural environments.

We will explore different bird habitats within the Zoo and discover other feathered friends along the way with lots of twitching fun for all.

Thursday 23 January

Amazing Australians

Meet a Keeper experience – Australian Mammals

Australia – unique, diverse, harsh, incredible. Let’s look at the amazing ways native Australian animals survive across the country, from rainforests to deserts, coastlines to bush. People around the world visit Australia for our wildlife – you can explore it today!

Friday 24 January

Mighty Marine

Meet a Keeper experience – Marine Mammals

Our oceans, vast yet fragile, largely unexplored but tragically treated. Today Keepers will help us discover how to help maintain a healthy ocean balance providing a safe, clean, watery world with a future full of fish for all in a mighty marine world.

Booking conditions

  • Children must be aged between 5 and 10 years old
  • Zoo Adventurers are to bring their own lunch and snacks
  • Animal experiences are subject to change without notification
  • There will be no refunds for cancellations, although credit may be given where applicable
  • Children must wear a Zoo Adventures t-shirt during their visit so that staff can easily identify children in busy environments