Zoo Keeper Volunteers

Zoo Keeper Volunteers


Taronga's Zoo Keeper Volunteers help our keepers care for our different groups of animals with varying special requirements.

Volunteer Keepers can find themselves performing a huge number of activities during their 12 months volunteering including:

  • the basics of providing the highest level of animal care
  • learning about the individual species
  • observing training sessions
  • providing enrichment for our animals
  • helping out with our presentations, talks and shows

Rain, hail or shine, they get involved with every aspect of animal care, so expect to be cleaning, chopping, wheelbarrowing, shovelling, raking, and anything else it takes to ensure our animals are provided with the highest level of welfare possible.

Have a question?

Can I use Taronga’s Volunteer Program to support the practical requirement of my studies?

No. At Taronga, we offer a range of courses through our own registered training organisation at the Taronga Institute of Science and Learning. As a part of completing courses with Taronga, our students are allocated time with our keepers and other staff members to sign off competencies and complete assessments. To find out more, head to our Programs and Courses page.

How long can I be a Volunteer Keeper for and how often will I be volunteering?

12 months. As our Volunteer Keeper roles are our most popular, we make every effort to enable as many people as possible to experience working alongside our amazing animals and animal care staff. This means that we restrict volunteers to a 12 month period during which they must commit to one day per week or one day per fortnight for the duration of the 12 months.

Do I need to have any experience with animals to apply for a Volunteer Keeper Role?

No! We receive applications from a huge range of people. The hiring managers take into account many different criteria to fill our volunteer positions including, but not limited to; availability, personality and how they would fit into the team, skill set, career intentions and we acknowledge the importance of giving enthusiastic and passionate individuals with little to no experience the opportunity to experience the industry, as well as using the skills of people with extensive experience working in a specific field.