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Taronga is committed to conservation, and we believe innovation is a key part of securing a shared future for people and wildlife.

Taronga's Accelerator Program, HATCH, launched in 2020 (previously 'Green Grants') and has since inspired, supported and launched innovative ideas and actions helping to address some of the most pressing environmental and conservation challenges currently facing humanity.

View past teams and their ideas as well as the annual pitch events.


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Idea Generation Program (Discontinued)

We recognised that many people want to be an ecopreneur but didn’t yet have a specific solution in mind or may have had an inkling of an idea but weren’t sure where to start. So, we created the Idea Generation Program.

This one-off program was a free six-week online development program to help aspiring ecopreneurs explore key conservation challenges and apply design thinking and systems thinking to develop solutions to these challenges. 

It was an opportunity to connect with like-minded legends who want to help our planet, explore new ways of thinking to design innovative solutions, and see where the experience leads.

Stay tuned for future HATCH Idea Generation events and workshops.

Pre-accelerator program 2023

Do you have an early-stage idea that aims to positively impact Australian wildlife or the natural environment? If you’ve got an innovative idea, we can help you set the critical foundations for success through the HATCH Pre-Accelerator Program.

  • Over six weeks this FREE online development program will help you to: 
  • Clearly articulate the problem you are addressing;
  • Clearly articulate your solution to the problem;
  • Develop your Theory of Change and Social Business Canvas, and;
  • Develop a plan for first round market testing of you solution.

This is a great opportunity to kickstart your startup journey and connect with other awesome changemakers, as well as some of the inspiring HATCH alumni.

The program is open Australia-wide, 18 years and older; places are limited, and selection is merit based. 

Pre-accelerator Program Structure
Pre-accelerator Program Structure

2023 program

The 2023 HATCH program was our third cohort comprising of seven brilliant founders tackling a broad range of environmental issues.

See our incredible finale to the 2023 HATCH Program – the HATCH Pitch Event!
Celebrate our six initiative for the planet and learn more about how they are making a better future for wildlife and people.

Meet the 2023 teams

Reviving Cultural Practices

BAC Logo

Reviving Cultural Practices aims to address the need for increased cultural and environmental awareness among landowners and managers of the importance of cultural fire burning and its role in maintaining healthy ecosystems whilst preserving traditional knowledge and practices. Managed by Tara Mercy and Rebecca Woods through the Bandjalang Aboriginal Corporation, they are handing down generations of traditional practices to tackle biodiversity loss.
Founders: Rebecca Woods and Tara Mercy



LOWN is the world’s first dedicated market for products made of fibres from farms embracing regenerative practices whilst tailoring their service to busy hybrid workers that don’t have time or money to waste on quality products they don’t wear much. Tapping into the new financial incentives showing up in the fashion rental business model, LOWN’s mission is to finally fix toxic fashion for good!
Founder: Emma Foster-Geering


Scrunch Logo

Srunched Solutions is empowering households to efficiently compress soft plastic in the home. By simplifying storage and facilitating recycling its mission is to keep soft plastics out of our oceans by making sure it gets recycled efficiently.
Founder: David Roberts

OneFishTwoFish (Seafood Positive)

One Fish Two Fish Logo

OneFishTwoFish (Seafood Positive) is Reversing biodiversity loss in the oceans by moving towards a ‘circular’ seafood economy. For every fish sold, caught, or consumed, they will return two fish to the ocean.
Founder: Dr Chris Gillies

Habitat Pods (ReHabitat)

ReHabitat Logo

Habitat Pods are lightweight, modular, and biodegradable emergency refuges that can be rapidly deployed to protect wildlife after natural disasters and habitat degradation.
Founder: Dr. Alex Carthey

Be The Future

Be The Future Logo

After noticing that climate change educational tools focused heavily on doom-and-gloom, founder Sally Giblin set about changing this. Be The Future’s edutainment kits are creating a new generation of young climate champions through playful fun, hope and humour.
Co-Founder: Sally Giblin

2021 program

Catch up or relive the fantastic finale to the 2021 HATCH Program - the HATCH Pitch Event!

Hear from our eight amazing founders sharing their six brilliant initiatives for the planet, and celebrate the winners of the HATCH Grant and the People's Choice Award.

Meet the 2021 teams


Carapac logo

Carapac is changing the world of packaging. Carapac has developed the technology to make trustworthy sustainable plastic alternatives out of crustacean shell waste. We are using our material to make sustainable packaging that can home composted in 3-6 weeks and extend shelf life of fresh produce.

CEO & Co-Founder: Kimberly Bolton

Sine Surf

Sine Surf logo

At Sine Surf we make sustainable wooden surfboards and surf accessories by using natural materials and new manufacturing methods. These are some of the most sustainably manufactured surfboards on the planet, designed for performance surfing with a love for the ocean and environment. We are making a sustainable surfing lifestyle affordable and available to every surfer.

Co-Founders: Emile Theau and Alastair Pilley


Spottr logo

Spottr is an integrated thermal-optic drone reconnaissance platform for automated location and species identification of vertebrate feral pests, livestock and wildlife. It gives large private and public land managers the ability to quickly, easily and cost-effectively scan their geographic areas of responsibility with results being instantly displayed on their tablet PC maps for action and also uploaded to feral-scan, agricultural and scientific databases. This air superiority makes everything from feral management, to stock monitoring to wildlife protection materially more efficient and effective.

Founder: Matthew Kronborg

The Pedal Club

The Pedal Club logo

The Pedal Club is a kids bike subscription service seeking to provide parents with a more flexible, convenient and sustainable alternative to buying children's bicycles and in turn reducing bike waste globally.

Founders: Fergus Woollcombe and Edward Womersley


Visible logo

Our world is inundated with charities and causes. As individuals we are challenged to where our money and effort should be directed, and rightly or wrongly there is a donor audience that wants to buy into a charitable narrative with an edge that aligns with how they consume, live and work. Visible is built to create more engagement and value for its causes by focusing on a deep value exchange and interesting narrative with its audience. Working with conservation causes, we are committed to developing models that provide talking points, direct tangible benefit and visible impact that can shift consumers towards advocacy.

Co-Founders: Sacha Kenyon, George Barnes and Marty Wirth


Xylo Systems

Xylo Systems logo

We are facing a biodiversity crisis. With thousands of conservation teams working to save Australia's iconic species, there is no easy way for them to share information, track actions and collaborate. This is leading to siloed and duplicated efforts, wasting precious conservation time and money. 

Xylo Systems is a cloud-based platform for conservation teams to connect, track and manage conservation projects. It's an easy-to-use collaboration and project management tool for threatened species management. With innovative technology including automated collaborator matching, impact tracking and decision-making capability, Xylo Systems will empower conservationists to tackle systematic threatened species conservation. We are turbocharging threatened species management with technology so we can tackle the extinction crisis faster, together.

Founder: Camille Goldstone-Henry

2020 program

The HATCH: Taronga Accelerator Program was launched in early 2020 and the inaugural program ran from August to November. COVID-19 forced us to rework the program delivery plans, but we were delighted to be able to go ahead with a fully online program and final pitch event. 

After a competitive national selection process, we selected ten passionate founders driving five exciting initiatives to address environmental issues. The teams were put through their paces over the 14 week accelerator program to establish their ventures, validate their approaches and prepare their pitches to share their brilliant initiatives with the world, and compete for the $50,000 HATCH Grant. Click below to learn more about the teams and their inspiring ventures.

“HATCH program has been an invaluable experience for us. Without the support and direction from this amazing program we wouldn't be where we are. This is one of the best programs out there and I feel extremely lucky that we could be part of it and share it with such a great community.” – HATCH 2020 participant

HATCH 2020 Pitch Event

The 2020 Program culminated in a fantastic online Pitch Event on Tuesday 10 November 2020. Check out the event recording below to hear from our passionate founders and learn about their brilliant initiatives to support us to all live a more sustainable life.

Meet the 2020 teams

Every Drop

Every Drop logo

Our vision is to help communities across Australia engage with and protect their local water resources. We all know how important our water is and, with the escalating impacts of climate change, we are starting to feel the reality of water scarcity and poverty in many of our communities. We believe that the safest hands our water resources can be in is our own, and so we aim to give you the agency to take charge of your relationship with water by providing you with the tools to accurately monitor and stay informed about your local water resources, connect with your community and advocate for improved local and federal water management. While one short shower won’t end a drought, Every Drop offers you the opportunity to join a growing movement that cares for and protects our communities, improves climate resilience and conserves our most precious resource.

Founder: Samantha Moody

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Good-Edi logo

We are dedicated to solving the disposable cup problem. When we grab that takeaway cup, we are making a big mistake and become part of a huge environmental issue. Disposable cups are lined with plastic so aren’t recyclable or biodegradable. They create 60 tonnes of plastic waste per year in Australia, causing a huge amount of carbon emissions and water pollution. We have an innovative solution that actually solves the problem, an edible cup that is waste-free. It functions like a takeaway cup without harming the planet or compromising on convenience. Our cups are a healthy snack, plastic and paper-free, and if they end up in the bin they break down naturally in less than two weeks.

Co-founders: Catherine Hutchins and Aniyo Rahebi

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Poop Loop logo

The PoopLoop is a community-based composting system designed to manage the copious amounts of dog poo produced in parks and green spaces every day. It will divert the dog poo away from landfill which once processed becomes a safe and productive compost for local parks and gardens. We want to close the waste loop by helping people to see dog poo as a resource, not a waste-product.

Co-founders: James Lyle, Samuel Hughes, James Chan and Sam Quinn

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RePlated logo

RePlated wants to make single use history with our thoughtfully designed reusable takeaway food container systems. We manufacture our containers from recycled PET and glass right here in Sydney for distribution globally. As a business that is truly circular; from our philosophy to design and manufacture, we even take containers back at the end of their life for recycling into new products. 

Practical solutions to our waste crisis are urgently needed to shift away from single-use. It takes just 15 washes for a reusable food container to be better than even the best compostable container. As we recreate a brighter and more socially and environmentally conscious future post-COVID, RePlated offers Australian businesses and organisations the opportunity to shift away from single-use for good.

Founder: Naomi Tarszisz

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TOMbag logo

TOMbag is on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with our sustainable and functional reusable alternatives. Designed from the ground up, we’ve created a reusable garbage bag that is waterproof, durable, washable and is made with recycled plastic. A reusable garbage bag to replace single-use plastics at home and at work.

Co-founders: Johnathan Pestano and Aleksandra Pestano

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