Animal Habitats and Trails

Animal Habitats and Trails

Explore habitats from all around the world

Taronga Zoo Sydney has an array of animal habitats and trails to explore. Meet animals from all around the world as you wander through Nura Diya Australia, Backyard to Bush, Great Southern Oceans, Rainforest Trail, Tiger Trek, African Savannah and our new Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Centre (ARC) opening in July 2024.

ARC - Brand new experience

Platypus icon

ARC is an Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Centre - Now open!

nguwing nura - Nocturnal Country

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nguwing nura is Taronga's Nocturnal Habitat, featuring Australian animals that thrive in the night time. 

Nura Diya Australia

Koala icon

Taronga's Australian habitat, featuring Koalas, Dingoes, Emus, Kangaroos and more!

African Savannah

Girfffe icon

Wander through Taronga's African habitat where you can see Giraffes, Zebras, Meerkats and Lions. 

Great Southern Oceans

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Visit Taronga's marine animals - get up close with Penguins, Sea Lions and more!

Rainforest Trail

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See Elephants, Otters, Pygmy Hippos and walk through two rainforest-themed aviaries. 

Tiger Trek

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Immerse yourself in this Indonesian-themed experience and observe Sumatran Tigers.

Backyard to Bush

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Meet Spiders, Farm Animals, and Australian favourites on the Kids Trail.

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