Whether you are an individual, group, business, school or community group wanting to make a difference, there are plenty of ways you can take action and start fundraising for Taronga.

With your support we can breed threatened species, carry out vital scientific research and support conservation programs across the globe, to protect wild animals from illegal poaching, habitat destruction and other threats to their survival. 

Host a school fundraising event

There are many ways to raise money at school while inspiring students to learn more about wildlife. Here are some ideas:

  • Animal-themed mufti day - Students spend a day out of uniform and dress up in something animal-inspired in exchange for a donation. 
  • Bake stalls - Have a cake bake day and set up a stall at your school, with proceeds going toward a chosen cause or species!
  • Piggyback on an existing event - Attach some fundraising activities to an upcoming event like a school fete or concert evening.

Give to a good cause instead of giving gifts

Whether it is your wedding day, birthday, a christening or new addition to your family, it is always admired when people ask guests to donate to a good cause in lieu of receiving gifts.

For your next celebration, ask your friends and family to donate to Taronga, instead of receiving gifts. 

A great way to do this is to create your own personalised online fundraising page where you can track your donations, donors can leave comments and messages and you can personally thank them for their contribution. 

Fundraise at work

The workplace is a fantastic collaborative place to hold fundraising activities. Be creative with your ideas; you could hold a day out of corporate attire, host a sausage sizzle or office raffle, or choose something you'd like to temporarily give up for the wild.

Many companies also have budgets for matching their employees’ fundraising efforts. Find out if your employer does Matched Giving and you may be able increase the amount of money you raise for the wild.

Host your own event

Unique fundraising events can be hosted outside of the school or workplace. Host your own BBQ or dinner party and incorporate fundraising activities like a raffle or live auction with donated items, lucky door prizes or maybe even an entry fee to the event.

Attend one of our events

Taronga regularly hosts community fundraising events throughout the year. View the current events and consider attending or contributing to one today.