School Excursions to Sydney

School Excursions to Sydney

Bring your students to the Zoo

With over 100 years' experience, Taronga Zoo Sydney offers both teachers and students the opportunity to experience a self-guided, interactive, and hands-on learning environment. Suitable for all ages, students will get the chance to come face to face with wildlife, develop a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation and expand their knowledge of the natural world. 

Enjoy the Zoo with your school group at your own pace and encourage your students to be ambassadors for the wild.

What to expect

Our key animal trails focus on a range of habitats and purpose-built precincts, supported by over 15 animal keeper talks and shows running daily.

Free teacher resources

Free teacher resources are also available for your self-guided visit. Use our resources to structure your students’ learning before, during and after a Zoo visit. Our resources can be found on our curriculum-linked workshops pages.

African Savannah

Self-guided tour at Taronga Zoo Sydney

Stages 3 to 6

Through this self-guided tour, explore the countries of the African region, specifically Northern Kenya, and the connection Australia has with this location across the world.

Learn about the diversity of the world’s people, including the Indigenous people of Kenya and how they live. Explore and reflect upon similarities, differences and the importance of intercultural understanding.


African Lion at the African Savannah in Taronga Zoo Sydney.
African Lion at the African Savannah in Taronga Zoo Sydney.