Season 4 Episode 5

S4 E5: Camel Lump

A mystery lump on Ras the camel’s ear has everyone stumped, so it’s time to investigate. But sedating a camel weighing half a tonne is not the simplest procedure to undertake.

The team at Taronga’s wildlife hospital find themselves in the middle of a life and death struggle to save an eastern long neck turtle with a fishhook stuck halfway down its neck.

And before adorable dingo pups – Kep Kep and Warada - are put on public display their keepers are getting them used to their surroundings with a daily walk through the zoo before it opens.

Air date: Wednesday 20th of December at 7.30pm on Channel 9.

Ras the Camel
Ras the Camel
Kep Kep and Warada, Taronga's two dingoes
Kep Kep and Warada, Taronga's two dingoes

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Episode follow up

Exciting news! Nura Diya Australia is officially open – have you had the chance to explore? Immerse yourself in a world where ancient stories come alive, and the beauty of Indigenous culture unveils itself at every turn. Share your experiences and join in celebrating the richness of this cultural gem, while discovering the incredible wildlife found right in our own backyard.