Birth of Meerkat pups herald Zoo breeding success

Birth of Meerkat pups herald Zoo breeding success

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is celebrating the birth of three

Meerkats pups which were born on Saturday 24 July 2011.

The pups are in the den with mother, Umi, and father, Mapoto

tending to the nest.  The subordinate

male, Brock, has also taken on the nursing role, caring for the offspring and

keeping them warm whilst the Umi and Mapoto venture outside the den for food.

“Umi only arrived from Auckland Zoo in November 2010, so it is

very exciting that we have had breeding success not long afterwards,” said

Keeper, Simon Husher.

“Umi is an experienced mother and is showing all the right

maternal behaviours.  We are very happy

with the group, as they are working well together to ensure the pups are being properly

cared for.” 

“The pups will grow up fast reaching full size by about four

months of age, so visitors should come out over the next couple of months to

see these special new arrivals,” said Simon. “The Meerkats are a popular animal with visitors and the best

time to meet our growing family is at the Meerkat Talk and Feed at 9:50am every

day,” said Simon.

Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s last litter of Meerkats was in 2004 when

four pups born, one of which was Mapoto, the father of this new litter.