Baby boom at the Zoo

Baby boom at the Zoo

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Posted on 15th February 2013 by Media Relations

Keepers were delighted a fortnight ago by the arrival of two Przewalski’s Horse foals three days apart.  One foal was born on 29 January, 2013 and the second on 1 February, 2013. Both fillies will one day grow up to take part in the important breeding program for this critically endangered species.

The foals are quite outgoing and enjoy a little gallop around the paddock and after a drink, have a nap in the sun at their mothers’ feet.

One foal has been named ‘Zaria’ meaning sunrise in Russian as foals are often born in the early morning.  However, we are looking for suggestions from members of the public for the second foal’s name. Post your name suggestion for this curious but outgoing filly on Facebook. Be sure to have a name and meaning that reflects the species Mongolian or Russian heritage.

In early February, the Zoo also welcomed an Addax calf to the herd.  This was the third calf in the space of 12 months for the critically endangered species.  During the first week of its life, the calf has been hiding like it would in the wild, but over the coming weeks it will start to venture out more and mingle with the herd.

We need your help to name one of our new Przewalski's Horse foals. Our keepers have asked that the name reflects this horse’s Mongolian or Russian roots. Post your suggested name to our Taronga Western Plains Zoo Facebook wall with “Name the foal” and keepers will choose their favourite.