Pelican pair ready to make a splash

Pelican pair ready to make a splash

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 04th August 2014 by Media Relations

Taronga Zoo’s Great Southern Oceans is home to two Australian pelicans, Mani and Eora.

This species is found in all parts of the country (including inland areas); though they are most commonly associated with coastal regions where they often steal scraps from fishermen, or observe the world perched on lamp posts.

Taronga’s two pelicans were both born in zoos to rehabilitated birds deemed unsuitable for release and have called Taronga Zoo home since they were young.

While they reside in an exhibit in the middle of Great Southern Oceans, it is not uncommon to see them out of their exhibit – either walking alongside their keepers or taking the short trip to Seal Theatre in their custom-made travel crate.

They are currently in training for appearances in our daily seal shows. Here, they are ambassadors for their species, drawing attention to our impact upon a broad variety of wildlife.

Living alongside humans, pelicans commonly become entangled in fishing hooks, lines and nets, so you can help out these beautiful birds by making sure you properly dispose of any such rubbish.

- Keeper, Steve Dalleywater