Become a Wild Squad Agent

Become a Wild Squad Agent

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Taronga is committed to doing great things in conservation. Imagine the power of our reach if we did this together?!?

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Download the Taronga app

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Download the Taronga app
Raise Your Palm for Taronga's tiger cubs!

Hi Wild Squad Agents,

Here at Wild Squad HQ we are SO excited about the arrival of Taronga’s three Sumatran tiger cubs! The ‘cuteness’ factor is off the Richter scale! And while we celebrate these stripy bundles of felidae fabulosity, wild tigers are facing a difficult future, but here at Taronga we are fighting for a wildly bright one.  You might be wondering how YOU can help tigers in Sumatra from here in Australia? By going to the supermarket! YES the supermarket! 

There are big companies using unsustainable palm oil plantations causing HUGE areas of forests and tiger habitat to be destroyed. Palm oil is found in about half the packaged products being sold in supermarkets including chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, noodles, chips and soaps!

Wild Squad Agent we need you to Raise Your Palm for Taronga’s tiger cubs by helping your parents and carers to choose products with Certified Sustainable Palm Oil as this will conserve forests and protect species in the wild. As consumers we have REAL POWER!

Imagine the future we could champion for Sumatran Tigers and their C.U.T.E cubs if we did this together? Let’s be the change...

Always #FortheWild,

Wild Squad Agent Sadie

Did you know..?

Fast facts

Name: Sumatran Tiger

Fancy Scientific Name: Panthera tigris sumatrae

Habitat: Lowland rainforests of Sumatra, an island of Indonesia

How you can help

Extinction Risk: Critically Endangered (in a fair bit of trouble; but don’t worry peeps coz we’re on it and you can help!)

Find out what you can do to help protect Sumatran Tigers in the wild.

Ramp up your vocab with these Wild Squad buzz words!
Ramp up your vocab with these Wild Squad buzz words!

Wild Squad-tionary

We want you to be in on the lingo too. Ramp up your vocab with these Wild Squad buzz words to add to your WILD SQUAD-ITIONARY. Keep building on this list when you visit every holidays and you'll be a conservation scientist extraordinaire before you know it!

  • CAMERA TRAP: Camera traps provide an insight into tiger life even in the remotest of forests of Sumatra. As a conservation tool, they help to identify and count the number of tigers and reveal vital information about tiger behaviour
  • PUGMARK: Pugmarks are what we call an animal’s paw prints, especially mega-fauna
  • SCATOLOGIST: A scatologist is a scientist who is devoted to faecal (poo) studies
  • PREDATORY: Preying on other organisms for food
  • BAHASA INDONESIAN:  The national and official language of Sumatra
  • SELAMAT DATANG (sel-a-mat da-tang): This means ‘welcome’ in Bahasa Indonesian
  • HARIMAU (har-ee-m-ow): This means tiger in Bahasa Indonesian
Ramp up your vocab with these Wild Squad buzz words!

Choose your mission

Mission: Sumatra, Indonesia

Accept this mission and track Sumatran Tigers through Way Kambas National Park.

Mission: Ancient Australia

Accept this new mission and identify fossils from forever ago.

Mission: Australia

Accept this mission and get the buzz about bees: the superheroes of the animal kingdom!

Mission: Africa

Accept this mission and you get the inside story of how Chimps Chat to each other!

Mission: Asian Forest

Accept this mission and you help to guide elephants along an ancient trail.

Mission: Centenary Theatre

Accept this mission and go on a Wild Squad Adventure like never before!

Catch Wild Squad Adventures at the Centenary Theatre
Catch Wild Squad Adventures at the Centenary Theatre

Catch a movie

Now Showing: Wild Squad Adventures at the Centenary Theatre

Map Ref. 12J, Taronga Zoo Sydney

This short film is action-packed! From a fly-over of Sydney Harbour to behind-the-scenes of Taronga Zoo Sydney – then a journey around the world to learn about our mission to protect and care for animals.

Don't miss the Wild Squad Adventures movie on your next visit to the Zoo!

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Catch Wild Squad Adventures at the Centenary Theatre

Roaringly good jokes

Why do tigers have stripes?

So they don't get spotted.

What is the fiercest flower in the garden?

A Tiger Lily.

How do tigers describe themselves?


Why can't a tiger become a herbivore?

Because a tiger can't change it's stripes.

What do you call a tiger using a photocopier?

A copycat!