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From coming home with a pet alligator found at a garage sale, to cloning coral for pet shops, Matt Basile has certainly proven his love for and commitment to wildlife and their conservation during his young life. The Chicago teenager has just completed a week-long work experience appointment at Taronga Zoo before heading to Australia Zoo.
Taronga Zoo keepers have been saddened by the peaceful passing of their oldest and much loved Chimpanzee ‘Fifi' today.Fifi had celebrated her 60th birthday in May, an impressive milestone which made her one of the oldest Chimpanzees in the world.
Taronga's wildlife received a special visit on July 9 from five monks from the Sakya Tharpa Ling Tibetan Buddhist Institute and Meditation Centre.Led by the 13 year-old Gyalsay Rinpoche, the monks were visiting the Zoo's Snow Leopards and Asian Elephants which they had previously blessed.
Visitors today at Taronga Zoo were delighted to see Tiquie', the 10 year old Brazilian Tapir, relishing her grooming session with Senior Exotic Mammals Keeper Renae Zammit.
Hope, Taronga Zoo's 23 year old female giraffe, swings her head around and seems to stare directly at her keeper Jimmy's face as he walks past rattling his keys.
Taronga is celebrating the arrival of a baby Binturong, the secretive Asian ‘bear-cat', which is the first to be bred at the Zoo since they were first displayed in the 1950s.
Taronga Zoo's Chimpanzee family will be celebrating a birthday milestone today with a special vegetable cake, watermelons and additional coconuts as their oldest member ‘Fifi' turns 60.
A rare penguin that braved a record-breaking 2,000km swim and washed up on a remote beach dying from starvation has not only been successfully nursed back to health, but was this morning introduced to two females of his species and is looking forward to moving into a custom-designed new home at Taronga Zoo.
Taronga Zoo keepers, Darryl Lewry, and Geoff Harris are also doubling as surrogate dads hand-raising two Red-necked Wallaby joeys.
Taronga's veterinarians recently gave the Zoo's youngest female Snow Leopard, ‘Kamala', a complete physical examination at the Zoo's Veterinary and Quarantine Centre.


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