Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 05th August 2011 by Media Relations

Pez, the hero of several previous blogs, is  our peppy little Australian Hobby, a whole

bunch of fun and our newest  star, having

just debuted in the Bird Show a couple of weeks ago.  Our last blog spoke about the training

process and that sometimes they, as we, make mistakes and Monday was one of

those moments.

I was lure flying Pez in the 3PM show. He was doing his

usual thing, stooping above the audience and following his lure. This time, it

went slightly haywire … he misjudged and crash landed into my face. Ouch!

Pez is absolutely fine. After his crash landing, Pez

appeared to be stunned. I think he was just as shocked as me. As you can

imagine it is not something that often happens, and, in fact, Pez has never

done that before. When hunting in the wild, falcons are unsuccessful most of

the time when attempting to catch their prey, so it is not at all surprising

Pez misjudged as he did and just part of the way falcons hunt. As soon as we

were off-stage, he bounced back and started to eat his reward, which for me was

a very good sign.

Before I left I checked in on Pez and he was his usual

happy self. The next morning he was fine and 

I flew him separately from the 

show to make sure everything was ok before he flew later that day in

show. Each time Pez flew normally, which I was extremely pleased about,

although I don’t know if I’d like him to use my face as a landing pad again. He

packs a punch!

Come by and see him. He’s a great little bird, our second

smallest species of falcon, and very, very fast! Bird show trainer, Brendan