Lulu climbs to the top

Lulu climbs to the top

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 29th September 2011 by Media Relations

Taronga’s Chimpanzees have begun the process of

acclimatising themselves to their newly renovated sanctuary. Lulu, the oldest

of the community, at 59, saw it fit the other day to make her way to the top of

the tallest, newly built, climbing structures! Slight arthritis and old age

were no barrier for this healthy lady! What amazed Keepers even more, was by

the time they made their way around to the front of the enclosure, to inspect

this amazing feat, the old girl, who normally moves very slowly, had made her

way back down and was sitting at the opposite end of the new exhibit! Needless

to say the Chimps are making the most of their new home!