Zoo welcomes three more Meerkat pups

Zoo welcomes three more Meerkat pups

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Posted on 03rd November 2011 by Media Relations

All good things come in threes and the team at Taronga Western Plains Zoo couldn’t agree more with the successful birth of three new Meerkat pups in early October.

The Zoo’s Meerkat breeding program is thriving with the birth of these three Meerkats following the birth of Johina, Mwali and Akiki in late July. The mother of both litters, Umi, was flown over from Auckland Zoo last November to begin the breeding program and she has been very busy ever  since!

The pups’ father, Mapoto, has taken on the role of chief babysitter whilst the mother Umi is the main breadwinner of the family, foraging for their food.

Meerkat families or mobs are extremely communal and the entire family unit are working as a team to raise these pups.  Karen, the Meerkat keeper, has even seen the offspring from the last litter doing their bit of the babysitting duties and with the newborns every now and then.

The pups have been safely tucked away in the cosy confines of the den and are just starting to emerge and join the family exploring the exhibit!

Help name our pups!

Our Meerkat pups need names and we want you to help name them. We need an African inspired name for the little female of the group.  Some examples of the names of the other Meerkats in the troop include Johina meaning brave in Swahili and Mwali meaning girl.

Keepers will choose a winner from the best suggestions we receive to our facebook page.