Zoo's Meerkat pups grow up fast

Zoo's Meerkat pups grow up fast

#Taronga Western Plains Zoo Dubbo

Posted on 02nd November 2011 by Media Relations

The cheeky Meerkat pups at Taronga Western Plains Zoo are growing up fast and have just received their last vaccinations.

The 12 week old trio, Johina, Mwali and Akiki all had vaccinations, similar to those domestic cats receive, ensuring the little ones are protected from nasty diseases.

Despite their tiny size and cute appearance, these Meerkats can be feisty little creatures. Keepers wore gloves to protect themselves from the pups’ sharp teeth and claws as they retrieved them for a routine weight and health check by Zoo Vets.

The Zoo Vets and keepers regularly perform these inspections and health checks to keep the pups on the right track to becoming happy and healthy adults!  As part of the check up Vets made sure all of the pups’ microchips were identified and recorded each of their weights to ensure their optimal health.

Once the routine health checks and vaccinations were over, the inquisitive pups were back out actively exploring their territory for food and playing with one another.