African Savannah - A Sneak Peek

African Savannah - A Sneak Peek

#Taronga Zoo Sydney

Posted on 01st June 2019 by Media Relations

Take a sneak preview at plans for the revitalised Savannah Experience, where giraffe will wander, zebra will graze, and lions will once again take their place overlooking the savannah plains.

It is hard to miss the African precinct undergoing a major redevelopment and I’m sure you’ve noticed the Giraffes have left their iconic post overlooking the harbour. However, when they return at the end of the year, they will be met with increased space, and a state of the art new exhibit. Zebras and ostriches will also return and find a new home in the Savannah. With animal welfare, best practice husbandry and guest experience at front of mind, the Savannah Experience will feature natural water boundaries between visitors and the giraffe.

Meerkats and Fennec Foxes will also have new residences and in phase II opening, we welcome a new lion pride to Sydney.

The state-of-the-art exhibit will enable crucial breeding programs to support insurance populations, particularly of lions, which are now extinct in 27 African countries. Through immersive design and authentic story-telling, the precinct will showcase Taronga’s conservation partnerships in Kenya and the Republic of the Congo, connecting visitors to communities in these countries who are working to create hope for African wildlife.

Savannah is due to open this summer, with the lion exhibit opening in 2020. 

Stay updated about upcoming works and access changes.