Welcome to Cub Cam

Welcome to Cub Cam

Pride and joy.

Taronga Zoo Sydney has welcomed a litter of five African Lion Cubs for the first time in 18 years! The cubs, who arrived mid-August, are healthy, inquisitive and growing every day.

Plus, for a limited time, a tax-deductible donation from just $7 will unlock access to watch the youngsters grow on the Taronga TV Cub Cam - all while supporting their cousins in the wild!

About the cubs

The five cubs – three females and two males - were born to experienced mum Maya and first-time dad Ato on Thursday 12 August, which happened to coincide with Ato’s fourth birthday. Both mum and cubs are doing well inside the maternity dens.

NOTE: header image on this webpage features a cub from a previous litter.

View the amazing birth:

Taronga TV Cub Cam

For a limited time, gain access to view the new pride and support Taronga's critical conservation work with the brand new Taronga TV Cub Cam!

The keeper's-eye view of two maternity dens gives you the chance to meet the five precious cubs and be part of their journey from when they start finding their feet, to when their paws touch grass for the first time - be there with them every step of the way.

With a tax-deductible* donation to Taronga, you can unlock the Taronga TV Cub Cam and support ongoing research and conservation programs.

Your donation today will help save the African Lions.

  • $7: A donation of $7 will help support Taronga’s Lion breeding program AND provide access to Taronga TV Cub Cam
  • $15: A donation of $15 will help fund Taronga's critical Lion conservation research AND provide access Taronga TV Cub Cam
  • $40: A donation of $40 will help fund vital Lion conservation programs in Northern Kenya AND provide access Taronga TV Cub Cam

“Lions are now extinct in 26 African countries. If their numbers drop any further, they’ll be on the slide toward extinction.”  

- Nick Boyle, Director Welfare, Conservation and Science, Taronga.

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Cub Cam questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Taronga TV Cub Cam.

Why does the Taronga TV Cub Cam go offline periodically?

To ensure the Lion cubs remain safe and healthy, our keepers conduct regular health checks. Some of these health checks occur at a regular time each day.

From 2 - 3pm AEST daily, the Cub Cam will be offline. However, due to the unpredictable nature of animal behaviour, these checks may take place at other times too! The live cub cam streaming will resume as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding and support.

Why is the cub's dad, Ato, not in the dens as well?

In the wild, a lioness separates herself from the pride and the male lion, just before she gives birth. It is not until the cubs are around two months of age that they are slowly introduced to their father and the pride is re-established.

When will the cubs meet their dad?

The same process will also occur at Taronga as does in the wild (see question above!) with these cubs. Dad, Ato, will slowly be introduced to them in the next couple of months.

How many hours do the cubs sleep each day?

Lion Cubs may sleep as few as twelve hours but as many as twenty hours per day.

I have just logged in and I can’t see the cubs – where are they?

The cubs are starting to become steady on their feet, so, at times they be exploring the different areas of their nursery dens – but don’t worry they will be back for a rumble, a wrestle and a rest soon!

When is the best time to tune into the Taronga TV Cub Cam each day?

The cubs currently have no schedule, they are cubs after all! However, if you do start to see a pattern emerge do let us know!

Please note: From 2pm - 3pm AEST daily, the Cub Cam will be offline to conduct regular health checks.

What milestones have the cubs reached?

At just under two weeks old, the cubs just opened their eyes and began to take their first steps. Now, they are quite steady on their feet and are becoming a lot more active and playful with one another – you may even catch them crawling out of their nest box!

How long will I have access to view the Taronga TV Cub Cam?

Cub Cam will be available until the cubs are ready to make their public debut – which is expected to happen this summer at Taronga Zoo Sydney!

At this stage, Taronga TV Cub Cam will be viewable until midnight on Sunday 31 October 2021, with this date subject to change.

When can I see the cubs in real life?

The lion cubs are expected to make their public debut later this year at Taronga Zoo Sydney, once the Zoo can safely reopen in line with the latest NSW Health advice.

Read more about Taronga's important updates around reopening.

If you want to stay updated, be sure when you sign up to donate to watch that you tick to hear more about the Lion cubs and other Taronga news, special offers and events in accordance with Taronga’s Privacy Policy.

What else can I expect to see in the coming weeks?

You can expect the cubs to become even more active and rapidly grow – but rest assured we will keep you up to date with all the relevant milestones, like when their paws first touch grass and when they get to meet dad.

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