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Taronga is bringing its two beautiful Zoos directly into your living room! Tune in daily to see your favourite animals, meet our friendly keepers and learn what goes on behind the scenes at Taronga.

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How you can help

While you may not be able to visit, you can still support our ongoing conservation work by donating to Taronga. Read more about how you can donate from anywhere in the world!

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Animal live-cams

We’ve set up 24/7 live-streaming cameras at Taronga Zoo Sydney so you can enjoy your favourite animals at any time of day.

Struggling to see the animals? The angles you’re seeing are just one section of a habitat, so they might be exploring (or sleeping). We offer our animals the freedom to move around their exhibit and display natural behaviours, so if you can’t see them right now, check back a little later!

Penguin Cam - NEW!

Take in the serenity of crystal blue waters and watch the penguins playfully glide and swim past the glass. Powered by Red Energy.

Meerkat Cam

See the live action from our mob of nineteen Meerkats as they play, wrestle, sun bake and eat!

Otter Cam

Tune in live as our otter-ly adorable otter family playfully swim and chase each other - navigating logs, rocks and water that mimic their natural habitats.

Capybara Cam

Check in on what the world’s largest rodents get up to and say hello to the five brothers in our charismatic Capybara herd: Pedro, Sanchez, Guillermo, Carlos and Rodney!

Lion Cam

Watch as Taronga Zoo Sydney's two-year-old male lions, Lwazi and Ato, take their place as kings of the African Savannah exhibit.

Our lions are most active in the morning around 9.30am AEST and again at 2.30pm AEST.

Elephant Cam

Ever wondered what the Asian Elephant herd get up to when you're not here? Watch as they graze, swim and play.

You can become a Zoo Parent and help protect their wild cousins from poaching and habitat destruction. Find out more.

Did you know? At certain times of the day the tigers move back and forth repeatedly in one area of their habitat. This is often in anticipation of their upcoming meal, excitement over a new tiger in the habitat space next to them, or during breeding season!

Tiger Cam 1

Spend some time with our Sumatran Tigers. The three cubs are especially playful, you might catch them chasing, playing, lounging by the water or jumping on the Jeep! 

Did you know there are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers remaining in the wild? You can help protect Sumatran Tigers with a tiger adoption. Adopt today!

Tiger Cam 2

See the Sumatran Tigers from a completely different perspective. You might find the three cheeky cubs climbing and lounging in the big fig tree or cooling off in the water.

Did you know there are less than 400 Sumatran Tigers remaining in the wild? You can help protect Sumatran Tigers with a tiger adoption. Adopt today!

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In addition to supporting the Taronga Foundation’s contribution to conservation efforts, activities and programs; Mastercard® is proud to be the Presenting Partner of Taronga TV, bringing animal lovers behind the scenes at Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo.

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Lion introductions

Can you feel the love tonight? Lioness Maya has selected a potential suitor...hear from Keeper Ben as he reveals who it is!

Inside a Giraffe's bedroom

Ever wondered what a Giraffe's bedroom looks like? Join Keeper Jimmy as he takes you behind-the-scenes inside their barn.

Latest keeper chats

Flight training

With over 50 species of parrots native to our shores, it's no wonder Australia is known as the land of parrots.

Baby Echidna

This little Short-beaked Echidna puggle is growing from strength to strength! Stay tuned for the name and gender announcement.

Latest shows

We're bringing the Zoo straight to your living room! Tune in to our Free Flight Birds and Seals for the Wild presentations as if you were sitting right in the crowd with birds soaring overhead and seals splashing. 

Seals for the Wild

Watch our graceful seals glide through the water, catch fish, climb and dive as if you were in the audience at the Zoo! Proudly powered by Red Energy.

Free Flight Birds

Learn about our exotic birds as we film a training session of Taronga's iconic Free Flight Birds overlooking spectacular Sydney Harbour. 

Can't visit the Zoo?

You can still show your support for your favourite animals by making a donation. Contribute to their care and help their cousins in the wild at the same time! All donations over $2 are tax-deductible for Australian residents. 

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Animal antics

Wondering what the 5,000 animals in Taronga's care get up to? Take a sneak peak into the behind-the-scenes of life at the Zoo with our cute and quirky animal antics series.

Penguin enrichment

Taronga's Marine Keepers transformed the little penguin exhibit into a mini winter wonderland!

Otter enrichment

Who would have thought a bamboo branch would be so fun to play with? The Otter family were all over the branch that keepers providing to the group for enrichment.

From our Wildlife Hospital

Ever wondered what goes on at a vet hospital in a Zoo? Taronga's two Wildlife Hospitals at Sydney and Dubbo play an important role in maintaining the health of the animals in our care and in treating and rehabilitating wildlife brought in by the public. Witness the amazing behind-the-scenes work involved in animal health check-ups, procedures, consultations and more.

You can support injured Aussie wildlife brought to the wildlife hospitals with a donation today.

Echidna rehab and release

Follow along this little echidna's journey after becoming victim to a car accident. After a stint at the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, he was on the path to recovery and ready for release! 

Tassie Devil health check

It was Gunner the Tasmanian Devil's turn for a trip to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital when his keepers noticed he wasn't quite his normal self.

Conservation programs

Taronga has an absolute commitment to the conservation of wildlife in Australia and around the world. From the conservation of native species with active involvement in breed and release programs, habitat recovery, animal rehabilitation and release - to the preservation of our Legacy Species.

Tune in to our stories as we dedicate to protecting and sustaining wildlife in their natural habitats.

Saving the Bellinger River Turtle

Last year, in a milestone for this species, 32 critically endangered Bellinger River Snapping Turtles were released into the Bellinger River, where they can breed, flourish and the population can continue to recover. 

Saving the Northern Corroboree Frog

Step inside our brand new, purpose-built Northern Corroboree Frog breeding facility and learn a little about what it takes to save one of our most endangered species from the brink of extinction. 

Passionate about conservation?

Your kind donation will be put straight to work, supporting vital conservation programs for endangered animals in Australia and around the world.

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Looking for more?

Continue learning, listening and participating with Taronga through engaging and educational digital programs.

Looking for more?

Continue learning, listening and participating with Taronga through engaging and educational digital programs.