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Calf Plays Tug o-War

We weighed the calf again today and he's now 100 kilos. That?s four kilos he's put on in under a week!

Exploring the Top Paddock for the First Time

The calf, mum and aunty Tang Mo explored the top paddock for the first time with us keepers this morning.

Demolishing Dirt Mounds with Aunty Tang Mo

This morning we took the calf out for another walk in the lower paddock.

Sharing a Bath with Mum

Thong Dee is having a bath, so the calf is having a bath by default too!

Calf Plays Grownups

Thong Dee had her first long sleep since the baby’s arrival last night. Tang Mo played baby watcher as Thong Dee slept for five hours straight.

Calf Tries the Mud Wallow

We took them outside for a walk just now and the adventurous calf ran towards to Aunty Porntip who accidentally bumped the little fellow, making him fall over.

Exploring the Lower Paddock

When the sun came out after lunch we went for another walk to the Lower Paddock.

Enjoying a Warm Bath

ur little calf enjoyed his first real bath with mum and aunty Tang Mo inside the barn.

Calf Spends Time With Aunty Pak Boon

All three aunties and Thong Dee spent the afternoon in the lower paddock with the calf.

Taronga’s Elephant Calf Discovers Puddles

He just went for a short walk with all the aunties this morning in the lower paddock.



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Public Notices

Update on three year old White Rhino Macheo
As part of a 10 year Centenary Master Plan upgrade, Taronga has submitted plans to build an Australian Habitat Exhibit (phase 1) which includes an overnight conservation experience called the Taronga Wildlife Retreat.
Taronga Zoo would not dissect animals for public display. Taronga’s first concern is always for the welfare and dignity of the remarkable animals in our care.
Taronga Zoo’s young male elephant, Luk Chai, 5, had some dental work on his tusks today. Taronga’s Senior Veterinarian, Dr Larry Vogelnest, said some elephants including Luk Chai, have brittle tusks that are prone to cracking and infection.